Summit Retreats

Judith Ritchie

Going on a retreat in Bhutan, the last Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas, using the energy of a vortex in Arizona to rejuvenate our soul and cleanse our karma, practicing Tai Chi in a Chinese temple in the mountains of the Silk Road … Let’s travel to the heights of the world to find ourselves.

Trends of tomorrow

Strom spa nordique

Are you planning your next trip and not sure which destination to pick? Before you decide on your travel destination, why not validate the truthfulness of the information that influences you?

A lot of travelers are fond of the current top destinations, like Iceland, Japan, Portugal and Cuba, despite the consequences of their popularity which include crowded tourist sites, inflated prices and the loss of their authenticity. For these reasons, we strongly suggest you opt for the trends of tomorrow.

Do not hesitate anymore, and think outside the box!

Top 5 – cultural activities not to be missed this summer!

Nicolas Gendron

The festive reputation of Quebecers is second to none. During summer season, they happily hit the road, invade terraces and embrace their indulgences. At the heart of the festivities, culture often has the upper hand. Here now some calorific suggestions for a summer that is anything but uneventful.


Marie-Ève Gosemick
Marie Eve Gosemick_Essentrics_Montreal_Site Web_CREDIT Damian Siqueiros

Muscular endurance and range of motion should always go together. What if we would glorify intelligent fitness training rather than overtraining? The Essentrics technique has no impact on the joints, is practiced without weights or holding postures and respects the limits of the body. Is it a program for beginners? Not at all! It has been about a decade since Olympic athletes and professional sports teams started to incorporate Essentrics into their training to prevent injuries and to increase mobility. Alexandre Despatie, Joannie Rochette and Kim St-Pierre have used it and since 2012 so do the Habs. Here now an overview of a technique that engages the 650 muscles of the body in a gentle way.


Strom spa nordique

In recent months, Strom has added the Shiné or Shinay meditation to its services, a Tibetan ritual that can be experienced during special events such as our One Day Retreats and the Fridays under the stars.

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