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Toxic Positivity: Avoiding Unpleasant Emotions at All Costs

By Dr. Valérie Courchesne, psychologist

Being told that it could always be worse when bad news is announced or “there are plenty of other fish in the sea” when we are heartbroken isn’ t always what we want to hear! While these words are always well-intentioned and aimed at comforting us, in the long term, they might well end up...

Emotional Fatigue in Caregivers

By Statements gathered from Michelle Lefebvre, social worker

Although crucial and rewarding, the role of a caregiver is also very demanding. Because it often involves an immense self-sacrifice, in the long term, it can be a heavy weight to bear, resulting in burnout that is sometimes difficult to reverse. To learn more about emotional fatigue in caregivers, we spoke with Michelle Lefebvre, a...

The Hallucinogenic Mushroom: At the Foundations of Humanity

By Jacinthe Roy Rioux, holistic and spiritual living contributor

They work wonders in the environment by restoring polluted areas. In the medical field, they have transformed the way we treat people. With their fascinating biological properties, mushrooms are increasingly being discussed and used. Reishi chai, lion’s mane matcha, psilocybin microdosing, and psychedelic therapy… In the health field, medicinal mushrooms are available in the form...

The Strength of the Group

By Jacinthe Roy Rioux, holistic and spiritual living contributor

Humans are fundamentally relational beings. Their need to ally themselves with a community is intertwined in their deepest roots. Community gatherings have existed as long as organized societies. Over the years, the importance of these communities has made it possible to reinforce the values of empathy, sharing, learning, and fraternity. In the past, humans gathered...