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Bubbles and Oysters

Chic Traiteur

Notice to all oyster and bubbly lovers: Charles Veilleux, executive chef of “Chic Traiteur” suggests you enjoy oysters like you have never enjoyed them before. Discover the recipes for fresh oysters and pickled cucumber with passion fruit, oyster shooter with diced berries and smoked oyster mousse with rosemary yogurt, as well as suggestions for the matching bubbly by “Ateliers et Saveurs”.

Natural beauty tips – Simplified beauty ritual

Marianne Caron

Going “back to school” brings a lot of changes with it, and we took the opportunity to review our beauty routine. The trend is to look very natural; it is better to put our best natural face forward than to hide behind a mask. For reasons of authenticity, we are as much looking for balance in our self-expression as we are in our relationship with the environment. Our favorite products of the season are natural and we were also interested in the ecological alternatives. Discover the simplified beauty routine and the favorite products of Marianne Caron, makeup artist.

Recipe: Fennel salad and marinated salmon

Strom spa nordique

At the Strøm bistro, we offer you a menu without making any compromises: healthy AND tasty at the same time! To extend the pleasures of summer, we thought we would share our favorite summer recipe with you: our delicious fennel salad with oranges, kalamata olives and marinated salmon offered at Mont-Saint-Hilaire. A touch of freshness as the month of August comes to an end! Enjoy!


Go back to school in a well-balanced way – Eating well despite a busy schedule

Isabelle Huot

Going back to school can be a source of stress, why not prepare yourself adequately. We spoke with Isabelle Huot and she shared with us her basic rules to eat well despite a busy schedule. Whether it is to prepare lunch or choosing a meal at a restaurant, by following a few simple guidelines, it is possible to eat better in order to perform better! If you are interested to learn even more about this subject, we invite you to attend one of the conferences “Eat to perform better” by Isabelle Huot at our upcoming one day retreats on September 8 at the Strom Nuns’ Island or on September 15 at the Strom Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

Nuns’ Island – Explanation of Nature

Strom spa nordique

While relaxing on the banks of “lac des battures”, it is possible to hear and see different rare species of amphibians, birds and mammals. We had the pleasure to talk with the staff of “Nature-Action” to learn more about the creation of Nuns’ Island, the “lac des battures” and the diversity and richness of its wildlife. Happy reading!

Summer dishes and their perfect drink pairings

Marie-Philippe Binette

This summer at Strøm we combine lightness and culinary delights! While enjoying the sun and the heat of the summer, discover our most refreshing gourmet novelties! The menu offered at the bistro (and on the rooftop terrace) is sure to please every palate and will accommodate all food intolerances, since a wide selection of gluten-free, no meat, no lactose or vegan products are offered. Discover the dishes that will be the stars of our summer packages for 2015, paired with a refreshing drink!

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