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How to achieve a spa decor at home

Audrée Kemp Bélanger

10 tips and tricks to change your bathroom into one that is as soothing and comfortable as a spa by Audrée Kemp Bélanger from AKB Design.

Have a great time decorating!


Personalized perfumery with Ruby Brown

Strom spa nordique
Crédit Raphaël Ouellet

While wearing a fragrance with amber and spicy notes might inspire strength of character, delicate floral arrangements rather evoke femininity and delicacy. Rich in meaning and olfactory memory, fragrances have the power to transport us to a unique state of mind. Learn more about the trends in perfumery with Ruby Brown.


My top 5 books of the moment

Nicolas Gendron

Literature is not only a haven of peace, but it can lead us there, if we embrace its freedoms. For those of us that immerse ourselves in literature, it can do a world of good; meddle with our insides, better illuminate the road ahead, happily mocking our fears and helps us accept the imperfect moments of our lives. Here are my suggestions of the moment, I hope there is one amongst these books that will appease you and gently lift you up.

Hot dogs and French wines

Chic Traiteur

Sample the French cuisine with the following recipes for a marinated sardines hot dog with a white onion salad, apples and cilantro, a classic hot dog with sauerkraut and Toulouse sausage, a hot dog with merguez sausage and fresh tomato salsa as well as the matching French wines proposed by “Ateliers et Saveurs”!

Skin care routine in 4 steps

Marianne Caron

As summer comes to an end, we can feel the weather changing, and the beginning of fall is also a good time to change our skin care routine. Discover the skin care routine recommended and the favorite products of Marianne Caron, makeup artist.


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