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A time of renewal

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The tranquil power of water

Practiced for thousands of years, Thermotherapy is a wellness ritual based on the external use of water for therapeutic purposes. Alternating between hot and cold temperatures followed by a period of deep relaxation, the thermal experience has many benefits. Feasible twelve months a year, rain or shine, it helps to reduce stress and revive the body and mind.



Balance point between body and mind

The effects of massotherapy transcend the body, and mind, providing energy, and balance. Strøm offers a rich list of comprehensive, and diversified massotherapy treatments adapted to specific needs, all provided by certified massage therapists.


Nourish body, soul and mind

Gastronomic and creative spaces, the bistros offer Scandinavian-inspired cuisine highlighting local products and avours. Executive chef Raphael Podlasiewicz’s evolutionary and surprising cuisine awakens, nourishes and transports the senses.


Enhance what nature has given you

Strøm offers a selection of highly effective aesthetic treatments and rituals developed through a holistic approach to beauty and well-being. Active ingredients and expertise are implemented to enhance your face, and your whole body.


Experience Strøm
in a different way

Strøm presents a diversified and carefully elaborated event program for an all-around exploration of well-being and balance. Conferences, workshops, retreats, a selection of immersive and inspiring experiences to discover alone, with friends or family.

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Strøm Magazine

10 things to let go off to live a happier life

18 March 2019 par Strom spa nordique

Very often we try to do more: “What can I do to be happier? The new science of happiness, for some years now, has validated tools to adequately address this question. It suggests us a list of simple but powerful things to do regularly such as appreciation, gratitude, positivity and many more. Great! But what about doing less to amplify our sense of well-being and happiness in our everyday life?

Strøm Magazine

The North at the service of our well-being – In this edition of the Strøm magazine, we suggest different ways in which Nordicity can inspire you: by immersing yourself in the language of the shoreline, by caring about the health of our river, by rushing down our winding mountain trails and by savoring local food and wine … all in a state of mindfulness. Happy reading!

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