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Ancestral health kit for the modern woman

Émilie Coulombe

Work, family, obligations, social life…. it’s not always easy to keep up with our busy lifestyle. Lucky for us, nature gives us plenty of remedies that stood the test of time. Here is a practical kit made up of medicinal plants, used for a long time by our ancestors, and now ready to help out today’s women.

Honey, nectar for good health!

Émilie Coulombe

Used for millenniums, around the table and in medical kits, honey has always been an important ally for our health. Frequently used in natural medicine, honey is also regaining ground in the conventional medicine of today.

Maple Chai Ice Tea

Strom spa nordique

Winter refuses to let Spring in? Well, that doesn’t mean you have to! Our maple chai iced tea is the perfect drink to put a little spring in your step!

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Spring lamb stew

Strom spa nordique
photo navarin d'agneau

Enjoy winter’s last days with this delicious and comforting recipe developed by the creative people of Mobilochef! Come try this recipe and other delicious winter meals at this week’s Cøzy Thursday!

How to stay inspired this winter

Marie-Ève Gosemick

The third Monday of January has been baptised Blue Monday because it is reported to be the most depressing day of the year. Even if the lack of light is tempting us into hibernation, the so-called dead season nevertheless harbors the potential to nourish our inspiration. Use the following tips to counteract the shortage of ideas this winter.

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