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Massage… not my thing!

Strom spa nordique

Without having to look too hard, we all know at least one person in our close entourage that has never had a massage.

For some of these neophytes the opportunity just never presented itself, meanwhile others say that they do not feel the need. From the onset, many argue passionately that massage is just not their thing! In fact, there might be as many different reasons as there are uninitiated people.

Thousand and one candle nights captured

Strom spa nordique

Beautiful and romantic atmosphere for our Valentine’s Day events, the one thousand and one candle nights! DJ and lounge music at Strøm Nuns’ Island, musicians at Strøm Mont-Saint-Hilaire, tastings and candlelight; all this was presented to our guests during those evenings.

If you would like to visit Strøm while enjoying a special atmosphere accompanied by lounge music, we invite you to come and discover our Cøzy Thursdays.

Recipe: Elixir of Love, Aphrodisiac and Pink love

Strom spa nordique

For Valentine’s Day there is nothing like having a romantic evening at home. With the help of our love inspired cocktail recipes, you will create a unique atmosphere to perfectly complete your evening.

Click on ”Read more” to discover three cocktail recipes from our bistro chef. They are perfect for Valentine’s Day because of their flavor, presentation and color.

Recipe: Quinoa salad with pomegranate

Strom spa nordique

Looking for a new dish to share with your love? Here is the recipe for a salad that is rich in colors and flavors and will delight your taste buds on your next romantic tête-à-tête!

For a perfect flavor pairing, serve this dish with a glass of light and fruity rosé wine. Discover our quinoa salad with pomegranate.

Chocolate body wraps for Valentine’s Day

Strom spa nordique
Young woman  having chocolate bodyl mask.

If you think of Valentine’s Day, you also think of chocolate … in all its forms! Enjoy your Valentine’s Day by offering yourself a full gourmet body wrap. For a limited time only, Strøm offers both energizing and multisensory treatments made with chocolate.

Click on ”Read more” to discover Valentine’s day treatments offered at Nuns’ Island and Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

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