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Beet tartare and cucumber-pineapple puree

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With the arrival of spring, why not improve your healthy eating habits with invigorating food that will boost your level of energy and give you a sense of well-being? It’s easy to get there with this simple recipe for a beet tartare and a cucumber-pineapple puree. Bon appétit!

Recipe: green juice made with wheatgrass juice

Strom spa nordique
Healthy green Smoothie on wooden table

Every spring, when the buds on the trees become visible, most of us have the desire to cleanse ourselves and eat healthy. We would like to introduce you to a healthy cocktail recipe made with wheatgrass.

Wheatgrass is made from wheat grains that were germinated and planted. The young shoots are then pressed. The juice that is collected is called wheatgrass juice and is one of the most complete foods available in nature.

Raw food

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A living or raw food diet is not only limited to people who have chosen veganism as a lifestyle. Contrary to popular belief, this way of eating is not a diet but rather a way of life making healthy and environmentally friendly choices. Not only does eating raw and organic food have benefits like strengthening the immune system and alleviating ailments such as intestinal and stomach discomfort, but it also helps to counter the disadvantages of climate change by reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Trends for spring 2015

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vernis strom_web-1

Nothing says spring like renewal and change! The first days of beautiful weather inspire us to reveal the new trends of the season. After the winter blues, candy colored shades of nail polish will brighten your outfits. Pastel colors are a must this season. It will be chic and feminine with its shades of light pink, lavender, mimosa yellow, mint green and baby blue.

Maple syrup, liquid gold

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Are you taking advantage of the month of March and enjoying maple syrup in all its forms? At Strøm, we are enjoying this sweet time and dedicate our recipe to this iconic product.

Learn more about this unique product and discover the recipe for a delicious maple treat by our bistro chef Isabelle Ladouceur at Strøm Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

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