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Summer dishes and their perfect drink pairings

Marie-Philippe Binette

This summer at Strøm we combine lightness and culinary delights! While enjoying the sun and the heat of the summer, discover our most refreshing gourmet novelties! The menu offered at the bistro (and on the rooftop terrace) is sure to please every palate and will accommodate all food intolerances, since a wide selection of gluten-free, no meat, no lactose or vegan products are offered. Discover the dishes that will be the stars of our summer packages for 2015, paired with a refreshing drink!

Barbeque and portuguese wines

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Grilled meat and red wines are the perfect combination for a successful and enjoyable summer meal! Discover the light and tasty pairings proposed by “Ateliers et Saveurs” as well as the recipes for flank steak with chimichurri, lamb chops with rosemary and duck breast with curry, courtesy of “Chic traiteur”.


Bali: relaxing in the thermal waters of Lake Batur

Strom spa nordique

The Strøm team extended its quest of finding the best relaxing experiences all the way to Bali! Hiking and swimming in thermal waters are popular combination with our outdoors and spa lovers. In Bali, our suggestion is to enjoy the hot springs of Batur after a hike to the top of the Batur volcano. These idyllic places, which were able to keep their original charm, were wisely suggested to us by our partners at Uniktour, a travel agency for custom made and adventure travels.


B&B Sundays Launch

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Enjoy the summer at one of our B & B Sundays – Brunch and bath… with glasses of mimosa, it tastes like holiday!

To participate in our next B&B Sunday at Strøm Nuns’ Island, click here.

To participate in our next B&B Sunday at Strøm Mont-Saint-Hilaire, click here.

Click on « Read more » to discover our gourmet brunch menu.


Open-air yoga – Summer 2015

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You are a fan of yoga, or would like to become one? Summer is the perfect season to start practicing yoga. Montreal and its surroundings are full of events and open-air sessions that will appeal to all different kinds of yoga needs and levels (and budget)! Go to a park near you and enjoy free (or inexpensive) yoga sessions, participate in yoga sessions at Strom, combine yoga and meditation, practice yoga at home or participate in the two biggest yoga gatherings of the summer. Namaste!

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