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Marie-Ève Gosemick
Marie Eve Gosemick_Essentrics_Montreal_Site Web_CREDIT Damian Siqueiros

Muscular endurance and range of motion should always go together. What if we would glorify intelligent fitness training rather than overtraining? The Essentrics technique has no impact on the joints, is practiced without weights or holding postures and respects the limits of the body. Is it a program for beginners? Not at all! It has been about a decade since Olympic athletes and professional sports teams started to incorporate Essentrics into their training to prevent injuries and to increase mobility. Alexandre Despatie, Joannie Rochette and Kim St-Pierre have used it and since 2012 so do the Habs. Here now an overview of a technique that engages the 650 muscles of the body in a gentle way.


Retreats – Events

Marie-Ève Trudel

Here are my absolute favorites: Wanderlust, Yoga camp, Initiation retreat for yoga and meditation, Salty Soul Experience, Juna Yoga Retreat and Yoga by Candace.

Spring is synonymous with revival… and spring cleaning!

Marianne Caron

I always take advantage of the changing seasons to modify my beauty routine, pay myself a good facial treatment and test the trends of the moment. We adapt our products to the changing temperature and offer ourselves a good ” spring cleaning ” scrub to have healthy skin that is ready to face the summer.


Chakras – from the basis to the cosmos

Marie-Ève Trudel

While participating in a yoga class have you ever been intrigued by the meaning of Solar Plexus? This term which at first might seem a bit esoteric evokes an entire energy-giving world whose understanding teaches us more about ourselves.

The basis being the ancestral Indian tradition, the chakras are energy centers hidden in the body. When certain chakras are congested, blocked or unbalanced, it creates blockages. Here are some tips and tricks to help us use the chakras in our everyday lives.

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