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Your unconditional haven

At Strøm, we consistently convey the same message, reminding how important it is to focus on balance. In times of crisis, this mission becomes even more fundamental – we must take care of ourselves, body and mind. To help you out in this quest for balance, we will continue to share ideas and content that do good, especially welcome in these exceptional times.


Nuns’ Island

A fulfilling moment on the shores of Lac des Battures

At the beginning of a new season, nature awakens, delicately adorning the site of the Strøm Nuns’ Island with its summer attire. The fresh air, the returning daylight and the birds singing give us a preview of the summer season, encouraging us to let ourselves be carried away by the effects of spring and the power of renewal.



The most beautiful season at the foot of the mountain

It is a joy to see that the Mont Saint-Hilaire is gradually regaining its summer colours, that the soft green is spreading, and that the changing light and milder temperatures allow us to reconnect with nature in a very special way. At Strøm Mont-Saint-Hilaire, spring can be experienced and observed from a thousand different perspectives, one day at a time.



The best way to experience spring is outdoors

Set on the shores of the Lac des Nations like a secret oasis, the Strøm Sherbrooke enthusiastically welcomes the arrival of spring. The slowly resprouting vegetation transforms the facilities —comforting during the colder season— into a relaxing retreat where you can take advantage of the longer days and enjoy the milder temperatures.


Old Quebec

The colours of the panorama

The current of the St. Lawrence River, gradually regaining strength with the arrival of warmer weather, reminds us that our inner strength, when aligned with that of nature, can result in something great and beautiful. That is how the Strøm Old Quebec is slowly preparing to welcome the summer season, by providing a feeling of vastness to the panoramic view and its historic setting.


Gastronomy & Mixology

Nourish the body, soul and mind

Slowly, the cold settles in and nature falls asleep, leaving us with a wealth of treasures… To gently welcome winter, chef Raphaël Podlasiewicz offers you a seasonal boreal cuisine that showcases local producers and local products. Our gastronomic spaces invite you to discover Nordic culinary traditions through a menu of delicious, surprising and comforting dishes.




In our last edition, we asked ourselves about creation, innovation, the transformation of ideas but also of habits. A great exercise in reflection and introspection that will keep you inspired. Happy reading!

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25 March 2020 by Strøm Spa Nordique

Invigorating and energizing, the Scottish shower offers an easy way to take care of your health at home. As its name suggests, this form of hydrotherapy originated in the 19th century in Scotland. It consists of alternating hot and cold water in the shower. It stimulates blood circulation, strengthens blood vessels, relaxes the body, and […]

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2 March 2020 by Sandra Laznik

EXPLORING YOUR FEMININITY She offers retreats in Six Senses resorts throughout the world. She teaches yoga and meditation abroad. She’s also known for Intimi Yoga, a school of yoga dedicated to women’s health with an emphasis on intimacy and sensuality within a framework of openness, emotional safety and trust. A conversation with Sandra Laznik, a […]

Aging Gracefully: The Art of Staying Young

20 February 2020 by Katlyne Lefebvre, Family Life Contributor

THE LIFE THAT LIES AHEAD — As we grow older, we know and try to apply the basic principles for healthy aging: eating healthy, exercising, sleeping well, staying intellectually active and maintaining an active social life. Work-related activities generally decrease, more time is available to us, timeframes extend and schedules are no longer filled. Slowness […]

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