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Interview with Alexandre Champagne, founder of Three times a day, photographer and lover of humans

Education – Adolescence, an inescapable passage

Katlyne Lefebvre

You are a parent, you have a child, this human being you desired and to which you have dedicated a part of your life suddenly becomes a stranger, becomes elusive. You are confused, helpless, nothing seems to affect them or rather everything affects them, everything or nothing … everything or nothing exasperates them. What happened between the idyllic part of childhood and the hormonal big bang?

Happiness and desires

Anne Joyal

“Women who inspire us” – an interview with Anne Joyal, owner Strøm Nordic Spa and Christine Michaud, author, animator and speaker, sharing their discoveries on happiness and the meaning of life.


Cultivating gratitude

Geneviève Desautels

My mother always said: “Happiness is made of small things”. When I was a child I did not understand the full scope of that saying. Today, I assure you, I pay attention to all the good things that are going on in my life every day, which has the effect of generating even more positive things in the different areas of my life.
By Geneviève Desautels, contributor professional and personal leadership

4 exquisite moments to enjoy

Strom spa nordique

Whether it is to highlight important moments in life or to better appreciate the little joys of everyday life, wine always rises to the occasion. Here are some suggestions for exquisite moments to treat yourself.

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