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What is love?

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It is your turn to tell us about love! Share your vision of love in a few words and get a chance to win a Valentine’s Day package.

An healthy and hydrated skin this winter

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Here we go! Winter storms, blowing winds and the freezing cold have arrived at our door steps. Let’s go and put on the winter clothes to beat those unbearably cold temperatures, none the less we always end up back inside to warm up. Going from the cold outside air to the dry and heated inside air is a very drastic change for our skin. The skin feels like it is constantly being tugged, red spots often appear on the cheekbones and they can also cause skin dander (dead, superficial skin cells).

Here are some recommendations from our aestheticians for healthy and hydrated skin this winter.

Through the eye of Serge Beauchemin

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The vision of success, the golden rules of happiness, and the performance and motivation at work according to Serge Beauchemin, investor for the Strøm spa Nordique, whose involvement in the strategic sphere has been very active. He is a member of Anges-Quebec and one of the dragons on the popular TV show “Dans l’oeil du dragon” at Radio-Canada.


Integrate sport in your daily life

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New Year’s resolutions create such unique opportunities for change. If you are among those who have decided to do more physical exercise, know that it is necessary to learn to integrate sports in your routine. Jennifer Heil, Olympic Medalist and now a full-time mom reveals the realities of physical activity and concrete ways to integrate sport in your daily life.

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