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Nord Laboratoire culinaire

A place for gastronomic creation and discovery

Discover Nord Laboratoire culinaire, a Nordic-inspired gastronomic space in Chambly. The laboratory is a place of culinary creation open to the public, hosting guests in the dining room or on the terrace for a coffee, aperitif or meal.


Nuns’ Island

Participate in the transformation of the landscape 

Offering the spectacle of its snowy landscape, the Strøm Nordic Spa in NunsIsland combines the extraordinary and simplicity in an experience lulled by the mildness of the dormant season. A reflection of the Strøm philosophy which celebrates the balance between abundance and the return to the source. 



Become one with the abundance of the Gault Nature Reserve 

With abundant windows and relaxation rooms specially designed to invite the outdoors inside, the Strøm Nordic Spa in Mont-Saint-Hilaire invites you to synchronize with the infinitely slower rhythm of nature, in a new era placed under the sign of balance and the reign of the present moment. 



Slow down to the rhythm of winter 

While the ferric forest is adorned with delicate snow, the calm of the lake of ice reminds us of the importance of slowing down, to discover the wonders of winter that blend into unforgettable intimacy.  


Old Quebec

Rediscover the heritage magnified by winter 

Echoing the cachet of Old Quebec, the Strøm Nordic Spa in Old Quebec lends itself to the timeless elegance of winter, offering a welcome respite upon the arrival of the snow show. 



Celebrating nature 

Between snow-covered conifers, the torrent of the rivière à Simon contrasts with the muted silence of winter. Strøm Saint-Sauveur happily welcomes the season of slowness, which provides the perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. 


Our publications

Strøm Nordic Spa Saint-Sauveur: From a Private Home to a Large-Scale Spa

October 4th, 2023 by Strøm Spa Nordique

After establishing its presence on Nuns’ Island, in Mont-Saint-Hilaire and Sherbrooke, then on the banks of the St. Lawrence in Old Quebec, Strøm Nordic Spa is proud to be able to become the centre of balance for a new community by settling in the Laurentians, where the tradition of Nordic spas is already firmly established. […]

Nord restaurant takes part in Sherbrooke met la table

September 29th, 2023 by Strøm Spa Nordique

A GASTRONOMIC EXPERIENCE NOT TO BE MISSED THIS FALL The Nord restaurant at Strøm Nordic Spa Sherbrooke is once again taking part in this fall’s not-to-be-missed culinary event Sherbrooke met la table. From October 13 to 29, 2023, it’s a chance to (re)discover the region’s finest restaurants and the restaurateurs who are making the Eastern […]

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