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The Strøm boutique was created out of the desire to bring the Strøm experience home by incorporating new relaxation rituals into your daily routine. True to our values, we partner with local companies to develop unique Nordic-inspired products with a minimalist design. Taking a day off to relax is fine, but the best thing is to make it a part of your lifestyle. Using Strøm products is an ode to relaxation, a way to prolong the ritual and create your own peaceful haven at home.


New event


Strøm presents a brand new diversified and well-designed event program for an in-depth exploration of well-being.



An invitation to focus on balance and to take care of yourself during a one-day retreat. A full day of activities for an in-depth exploration of well-being. An all-inclusive formula including meals, sports workshop, well-being workshop, thermal circuit and more.
One Monday per season from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.



An immersive and sensory experience that invites you to stop time and synchronize with the universe around you. Guided thermal circuit, holistic workshops, effervescent menu and more. A unique evening inspired by the mysterious influence of the lunar cycle. Low-voice conversation permitted and astral music played in our facilities.
Every first Friday of the month from 5 p.m. to midnight



An opportunity for young and old to take care of themselves and discover together all the benefits of relaxation.
Every Saturday morning from 7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.



Discover the Nordic breakfast with our new gastronomic brunch menu. To combine with the thermal circuit and a herbal sauna for a purely Scandinavian experience.

Every Sunday morning from 9 a.m.


Nourish the body, soul and mind

Slowly, the cold settles in and nature falls asleep, leaving us with a wealth of treasures… To gently welcome winter, chef Raphaël Podlasiewicz offers you a seasonal boreal cuisine that showcases local producers and local products. Our gastronomic spaces invite you to discover Nordic culinary traditions through a menu of delicious, surprising and comforting dishes.



The Strøm massage

A graceful gesture that recalls the movement of the waves, hot and cold stone massages, soft music and invigorating perfumes. A wellness moment that ressembles a trip to Scandinavian countries and that, slowly, make us discover again the cold season, one brush at a time.


Personalized face treatment

Our selection of face treatments strives to enhance the natural beauty of the skin by offering a treatment adapted to your needs.

Our beauty professionals will analyze your skin to select the appropriate treatment for your skin type:

Sensitive skin • Combination or oily skin • Dehydrated skin

Beauty treatments

Sublimate what nature has given you

To discover: a selection of treatments to sublimate the natural beauty of the skin while offering a combination of ingredients adapted to the needs of each individual.

Body treatments

Our selection of body treatments strives to offer an experience focused on relaxation, the promise of results and is personalized based on your olfactory preferences.

Following your choice of body treatment, our beauty professionals will offer you a selection of three aromas of essential oils to complete the experience to suit each individual’s specific olfactory preferences.

Hand and foot treatments

Our selection of hand and foot treatments is designed to enhance the beauty of your hands and feet and can be adapted to each individual’s specific needs.

With a choice of express or premium options, from pampering your hands and feet to a wide range of nail polish colours, everyone can find the right treatments for their specific needs.

Strøm Magazine

In our last edition, we asked ourselves about creation, innovation, the transformation of ideas but also of habits. A great exercise in reflection and introspection that will keep you inspired. Happy reading!

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Our publications

Sublimate What Nature Has Given You | Developing the Strøm Skincare Range

11 November 2019 by Julie Morin, General Manager of Strøm spa Mont-Saint-Hilaire

IDEATION – Julie Morin, General Manager of Strøm spa nordique de Mont-Saint-Hilaire, is leading the creation of the Strøm line of aesthetic products, which will be launched in the spring of 2020. The result of collaboration with a Montreal laboratory, this range will allow people to bring part of the Strøm experience home. Natural. Timeless. […]

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