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The power of nature is revealed

Created with active ingredients from the boreal forest, the Strøm Nordic Spa skincare line has been developed in a global perspective of well-being and beauty. Awakening the senses and providing tangible benefits, BORÉAL skincare products have been designed to preserve, enhance and showcase the skin’s natural beauty.


Nuns’ Island

Participate in the transformation of the landscape

Between the extraordinary and the simplicity.

Offering the spectacle of the awakening of its avian fauna and the transformation of its landscape, the Strøm Nordic Spa in Nuns’ Island combines the extraordinary and simplicity in an experience lulled by the charm of the last season of the year. A reflection of the Strøm philosophy which celebrates the balance between abundance and the return to the source.



Become one with the abundance of the Gault Nature Reserve

Fall immersion.

With abundant windows and relaxation rooms specially designed to invite the outdoors inside, the Strøm Nordic Spa in Mont-Saint-Hilaire invites you to synchronize with the infinitely slower rhythm of nature, in a new era placed under the sign of the balance and the reign of the present moment.



Slow down to the rhythm of fall

A return to oneself.

While the lush forest is adorned with its fall attractions, the calm of the water’s edge reminds us of the importance of slowing down, to discover the wonders of autumn that blend into unforgettable intimacy.


Old Quebec

Rediscover the heritage magnified by autumn

An encounter with the immensity of the place.

Echoing the cachet of Old Quebec, the Strøm Nordic Spa in Old Quebec regains the timeless elegance of fall, offering a welcome respite from the onset of cooler days.


Gastronomy & Mixology

Nourish the body, soul and mind

To gently welcome summer, chef Raphaël Podlasiewicz offers you a seasonal boreal cuisine that showcases local producers and local products. Our gastronomic spaces invite you to discover Nordic culinary traditions through a menu of delicious, surprising and comforting dishes.



The Strøm boutique was created out of the desire to bring the Strøm experience home by incorporating new relaxation rituals into your daily routine. True to our values, we partner with local companies to develop unique Nordic-inspired products with a minimalist design. Taking a day off to relax is fine, but the best thing is to make it a part of your lifestyle. Using Strøm products is an ode to relaxation, a way to prolong the ritual and create your own peaceful haven at home.



Just in time for the arrival of summer, we introduce you to our tenth issue of Strøm Magazine, which celebrates beauty in all its forms in a gentle and caring way. Enjoy!

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Our Way of Viewing Life is Connected to Our Land / An Interview with Elisapie Isaac

19 October 2020 by Strøm Spa Nordique

DECOLONIZING OUR THOUGHTS — An ambassador of Inuit culture, author/composer/interpreter Elisapie Isaac works to recognize the historical difficulties of her people. In a message entitled “Très cher Québec” published on Canada’s National Indigenous Peoples Day in 2020, she highlighted the importance of recognizing the “third solitude.” She who left her native land, Salluit, to discover […]

Between Atmospheres and Emotions | The Thoughtful Architectural Creation

7 October 2020 by Karianne Duquette, architectural collaborator

TIMELESS MUSE Omnipresent in our lives, architecture influences both our physical and spiritual sensations. It touches us with its characteristic expression and arouses specific emotions in us. In particular, let us consider the solemn nature that takes hold of us when we enter a religious building, the impression of serenity and beauty that envelops us […]

The Nobility of the Nordic Terroir | The Essence of the Boreal Forest

1 October 2020 by Strøm Spa Nordique

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS FROM THE BOREAL FOREST Strøm offers a range of highly effective skincare treatments developed according to a holistic approach to beauty and wellness. Active ingredients from products emblematic of our region are used to beautify the entire face and body. This wellness ritual finds its essence in the heart of the boreal forest. […]

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