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Rediscovering the river

The new Strøm Nordic Spa in Old Quebec was built in the midst of a location rich in history, becoming without a doubt the most magnificent spa in the province. The vastness and power, but also the tranquility of the St. Lawrence River give the site the feeling of a little escape. The thoughtful architectural views harmonize with the richness of the site. North America’s largest flotation bath is surrounded by candles, bringing the floating experience closer to meditation. An infinity pool for contemplation, a steam bath made of marble, a feeling of intimacy in the atmosphere: the experience is unique and reaches its peak with the indoor/outdoor bath, a journey between darkness and light.

Outdoor whirlpools • Hot and cold baths • Flotation bath with Epsom salt • Infinity swimming pool • Finnish saunas • Eucalyptus and essential oil steam baths • Thermal and Nordic waterfalls • Indoor and outdoor relaxation areas with fireplaces • Bistro • Terraces • And much more

Favourite installations

Infinity pool

A visit to the Strøm Nordic Spa in Old Quebec is also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the traces of a place steeped in history. The infinity pool along the river recalls the harbour past of the Basin Brown, which is also the site of the magnificent Champlain Parkway.

Strøm river

The Strøm river is an immersive space blurring the lines between inside and outside, offering a circuit focused on contrasts. Light and darkness, inside and outside: a fluid experience that stimulates the five senses and lets you drift away quietly.

Laga Flotation bath

Recalling the Dead Sea, the Epsom salt flotation bath is made of a dense solution that minimizes the forces of gravity and thus allows the body to float effortlessly. It offers a bathing experience similar to swimming in the water of the Dead Sea, with a salinity ranging from 25% to 27%. Thanks to the relaxation of the body and the absence of pressure points, flotation provides an optimal feeling of relaxation.

Nord Restaurant

Mother Nature does things well

A gastronomic and creative space, our bistro offers a boreal-inspired cuisine that emphasizes our nordicity by highlighting local artisans and fresh regional products. Because nature does things so well, we wanted to create a menu of tasty and amazing dishes that will make you discover the best it has to offer, one season at a time …

To discover: an ephemeral and evolving menu that changes with the seasons. An eco-responsible approach to gastronomy that focuses on quality versus quantity. A thoughtful, refined and intelligent gastronomic experience combining hospitality and know-how to offer unique and extraordinary moments.

– Happy discovery!


Continue the Strøm ritual at home

The Strøm boutiques in our four locations were created out of the desire to bring the Strøm experience home by incorporating new relaxation rituals into your daily routine. True to our values, we partner with local companies to develop unique Nordic-inspired products with a minimalist design. Taking a day off to relax is fine, but the best thing is to make it a part of your lifestyle. Using Strøm products is an ode to relaxation, a way to prolong the ritual and create your own peaceful haven at home.

Plan of the facilities




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