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Origines of the word Strøm

Evoking both the force and the tranquility of water, the Scandinavian word Strøm designates a current and, figuratively, water’s incredible strength, constant movement and energy, as well as its serenity. Strøm communicates the mighty power of water, whose essence, once channeled, profoundly nourishes and transforms, and it conveys a source of purity that regenerates inner balance and harmony.


Strøm was founded on a simple idea: combining Nordic spa and urbanity, for a relaxing experience. This balance, which is also found by our customers, is based on facilities in nature, yet just minutes from urban centers. Officially opened since 2009, Strøm continues to grow, both in terms of locations but also in public recognition.


We aspire to be the centre of balance for a person and their community.


Strøm’s identity bases itself on four characteristics which were implemented since its beginnings and remains the source of its distinctness.

The simple and elegant design breathes comfort and beauty into the spaces, the straight lines and intuitive circuits were carefully crafted to ease the regeneration of the body and mind through the union of one’s inner strength.

The senses awaken in harmony with the surrounding natural elements, and vast expanses. Nature’s stillness allows the body, and mind to unwind and regenerate properly.

Because time and mindfulness are scarce and precious, attention to detail, thoughtful service and creativity shape unforgettable moments that are at the very core of the Strøm experience.

The client can make a habit of refocusing on what is most essential, balance. Granted specifically through the accessibility to the locations which are just a few steps away from urban centres.

Our values

Going beyond the limits of creativity to become a world leader in the industry. Innovate, reinvent, and evolve.

Cultivating a workforce focused on expertise, savoir-faire, and soft-skills. Always going beyond the industry standards by emphasising on the promotion of innovation through the development of knowledge.

To build effective and harmonious relationships with our clients, partners and collaborators through respect, openness, and professionalism.

Dedicated to the well-being for oneself and others. Acting in a spirit of humanism and benevolence. Making a difference in the community.

Provide a conscientious customer service, act with dedication and rigor. Pay attention to the needs of others and respond to them with kindness.