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Game meat: a must for the colder temperatures!

Marie Philippe

Lovers of red meat will sometimes shudder at the amount of cholesterol present in certain dishes. And with the cold weather at our door steps, we can all agree that comfort food becomes more appealing, especially the meals prepared with red meat. However, game meat offers an alternative that will please many.

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3 exquisite moments

Un Monde Exquis

Whether it is to highlight a major milestones in our life, or to better appreciate the little moments of joy in our everyday life, wine will always rise to the occasion. Here are some suggestions to better enjoy those exquisite moments. Cheers to the Holidays!


Strom spa nordique

Prepared with Quartz vodka, a premium quality vodka micro-distilled in Quebec, the Quartz Strömonade cocktail perfectly blends the flavors of raspberry and lemon. Elegant and refreshing, this cocktail happily brings back the memories of summer.

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