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Two issues of Strøm Magazine have been published since the beginning of this unprecedented period which has changed the way of living around the world. In the last edition, we reflected upon the collective issues that the crisis has brought to light: the place of seniors, marginalized communities and women in our societies, the mental health of citizens and the importance of local shopping, to name only a few.

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In this digital magazine adapted to today’s reality, we tackle more individual questions. After having gone through this collective ordeal and welcomed constant changes, readers are invited to dive into their heart, to rediscover what drives them and to face what torments them.

In order to satisfy our thirst for hope and light, we seek to illustrate what inspires us, makes us dream and awakens our desires. Where does the need to reconnect with nature come from, to travel the world, to be amazed by a book and to cook in the great outdoors? Where can the will to write arise? Why do some cultures take the path of imperfection to turn it into a work of art?

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© Bianca Des Jardins

The mind swirls from pole to pole, living with dreams and desires or drowning in fear. While the pandemic has been rich in introspections, we have been interested in the phenomenon of wellness obsession, that is, when the quest for wellness swings to the other side: that of obsession. This is how we approach the concepts of control and letting go in this issue. When the mental load takes up too much space at home, when eating a healthy diet becomes a goal to achieve, regardless of the means taken to achieve it, or when spirituality serves as an escape route for the ego, how not to lose our balance?

These reflections and these learnings lead us to the mainspring of Strøm Magazine: to support you in your quest for well-being, by encouraging you to refocus on balance, from your inside to the outside.


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Strom Portraits HD49 web - A new era redefines our balance

Émilie Lefebvre-Morasse

Vice-president, Strøm Nordic Spa

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A word from the president

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© Bianca Des Jardins

At Strøm, we believe in caring, integrity, competence, diligence and creativity. Since the start of the company, I have taken each of my decisions making sure I follow these five core values. This line of thinking has been beneficial in these troubled times. It allowed me to be at peace at all stages, some of which were particularly difficult. I am proud to say that Strøm is one of those companies which have been able to face the crisis while respecting their values. Businesses play a vital role in society and I sincerely believe that the past year has revealed the sincere motivations behind each of them.

Although we have to bounce back after several months of closure, this ordeal will have made us stronger from a human point of view. In these exceptional times, our mainstream resonates more than ever within the team. Contributing to the balance of a person and their community has never been so vital.

This is why, with several entrepreneurs who own Nordic spas, we have worked together to raise awareness of our industry and its many benefits to government authorities. The crisis will have made it possible to put the rivalry aside, to rally and work towards a common goal.

It is a great victory for the industry to be seen as an essential service for the physical and mental health of the population. Thermotherapy, this ritual inspired by Scandinavian countries, is gradually becoming familiar to Quebecers and its virtues are increasingly sought after.

This is why we relentlessly pursue our mission, with more passion than ever. The last year has been turbulent at times through which the light has managed to make its way. However, this did not slow down our creativity, which was illustrated by the launch of La cuisine nordique, our very first cookbook, as well as BORÉAL, a complete range of skincare products by Strøm. Thanks to these innovative projects, the unconditional support of our community and the care of our dedicated teams, we have been able to stay focused on our mission and on the essential.

Refocusing on balance is remembering what matters the most: taking care of yourself and others.

Take care of yourself,

Guillaume Lemoine

President, Strøm Nordic Spa

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