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ANCRAGE — Designated as an internationally renowned place of excellence by design et al, Strøm Vieux-Québec is a place of inspiration and vision that reflects the site on which it was built, with meticulous attention to every detail. Drawing inspiration to create is what Strøm achieves, in Quebec City and beyond.

The process of conceptualizing the design of a building, a room or even an object requires careful consideration of its purpose. What do we want to portray through the user’s experience? Are we trying to commemorate the history of a site, reshape it or even renew the ingenuity of past legacies? Strøm spa nordique, for instance, draws its inspiration largely from Scandinavian and Nordic culture, which is associated to refined interior design that is in harmony with its environment.

During the concept meetings for the Strøm spa nordique of the Vieux-Québec with the architecture and design firm LemayMichaud, the desire to establish a connection with the rich history of the property where the building would be located was essential. It was therefore quite naturally that the concepts were shaped around the port quays, the river and the ships that still docked there not so long ago. To reclaim a part of the history of this emblematic place while interpreting it in the Strøm way, it was crucial that we opt for materials with a strong historical significance. For example, the large Corten steel panels on the front of the reception counter imitate the effect of corrosion and are reminiscent of the ship’s hulls imbued with history and travel. As for other materials featured in the building’s interior, they evoke the history of the site itself, such as natural stone, slate and pebbles.

Strom MSH hammac - Drawing from the source | Recapturing creativity

In the same way, each of our spas offers reinterpretations of elements that inspired us and that we have adapted to the Strøm vision. For instance, the yurts on the Mont-Saint-Hilaire and Nun’s Island sites are inspired by Asian culture. As it stands in its native environment, the yurt is a colourful and vibrant family haven. It is considered a strong symbolic place where the design has a very structured hierarchy. By reworking its original architecture by attributing it a Scandinavian aesthetic, the yurt evolves in a different way. Transformed into a space inspired by hygge, the Scandinavian way of life, its warmth and tranquility are enhanced by its fireplaces and inviting seating.

Strom MSHAutomne18 web - Drawing from the source | Recapturing creativity

From Lac des Battures, Lac des Nations, the St. Lawrence River or even Mont Saint-Hilaire, all our points of view converge on a magnificent panorama. To ensure that the user could truly embrace the finest that nature has to offer, it was imperative that we guarantee the same comfort outdoors as within our facilities.

It is also vital for Strøm to maintain the Nordic flair on the outer parts of its facilities, and this even in the summer months.

The sleek lines and distinctive shapes of the furniture ensure that all guests find the comfort they seek while revitalizing. A hammock under the weeping willows, a lounger in the sand by Lac des Nations or a chair by a fireplace at nightfall… all options are available for an optimal relaxation experience. The simple and elegant landscaping allows for a natural and harmonious environment. Surrounded by an open and refined decor, the body settles down and enjoys the fresh air, deepening the senses and allowing the mind to escape unobstructed.

Strom SHEete18 HD156 web - Drawing from the source | Recapturing creativity

For a complete hygge experience in the summer season, Strøm will expand its culinary options by implementing outdoor kitchens in some of its sites. This will ensure that users can savour Scandinavian and Nordic-inspired dishes as they unwind in the open air. By embracing Quebec’s nature and climate to highlight their beauty all year round, Strøm successfully conveyed the core principle of spas, a concept borrowed from Scandinavian and northern philosophy. Thus, each of the sites allows users to escape for a moment, through environments that are conducive to relaxation. The Strøm experience is about escape, yet it is equally a journey centered on introspection and renewal.

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