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Nature is in sync with the cycle of the seasons: the frenzy of summer gradually gives way to the restful time of winter. We sometimes have the tendency to forget that we also have the need to rest and refocus. So, at this time of the year, we invite you to slow down and replace your mat-soaking hot yoga routine for a routine that includes a mantra, asanas and an emerging visualization technique that is ideal to beat the winter blues.


A mantra is a phrase or a word that allows reasoning with certain areas of our body and our brain. It can be used to reprogram our mind and be more positive. Satanama represents the circle of life, renewal. Sa – Birth, new beginning / Ta – Life, the existence / Na – Death / Ma – Rebirth. Repeat this mantra in a low voice for 4 minutes while thinking about its meaning.


No 1) Balasana with a heated bag

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To disconnect properly and dive into the present moment, it is enough to direct your attention to your feelings and your breath, and to what makes you happy right at this moment in your life. Bring your glutes towards your heels and make sure your neck is an extension to your spine. Release the shoulders and drop a heated bag on your lower back. Breathe and recite the “Satanama” mantra.

No 2) Durgasana

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Durga is a Hindu goddess known to cast out demons. Call on her during times of doubt or if you are going through a hard time. This pose promotes hip opening and inner strength. Stand in a wide squat position with your feet pointing outward, your weight is in the center of your body, your knees and ankles are aligned and your shoulders relaxed. Feel grounded and rooted and repeat the above mentioned mantra.

N0 3) Malasana

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This prayer pose has many benefits because it encourages us to feel anchored and to let go. Visualize all the negative energy in your body melting and flowing towards the ground. With your heart open and your hands in front of your heart, open your rib cage and look straight ahead. The elbows gently rest on the knees and the soles of the feet touch the ground.

No 4) Ardha Sirsasana

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This pose offers the benefits of an inversion without having to leave the ground or putting weight on your head: it calms the mind, relaxes the pressure on the joints and gives us a different perspective on our present worries. Push your elbows on the floor, extend each vertebra in your spine, bring your hips and your back backwards and up. Your shoulders should be away from your ears, your abdominals are contracted and the legs are strong and straight. Distribute the weight evenly between your elbows and feet.

No 5) Ardha Chandrasana

STROM 2 2 - The perfect routine to overcome the lows of winter

Ardha means “half” and Chandra means “moon”. This balancing pose represents the moon and the light, a little bit like the sun salutation. Both arms are straight, the chest is open, the core of the body is engaged and the foot on the ground is pointing forward. You should feel as if you are between two walls. Change sides. The goal is to create a moment of introspection during the postures and to create a connection between the mind and the heart, don’t hesitate to use a yoga block to support the hand that touches the ground.

Exercise : Tapping

photo yoga - The perfect routine to overcome the lows of winter

The principle of tapping is very similar to that of acupuncture. By tapping different meridians, we can release tensions and blocked energies. Choose a problem or emotion you would like to work on and rate its intensity on a scale of 0 to 10. Tap with your fingers (1 tap per second) on the point called Karate Chop on your opposite hand and recite the following three times in a row: “Even though I’m (stressed, anxious), I completely accept myself the way I am.” Tap on all the points five times while saying a few words that negatively identify the problem (“My stress keeps me from moving forward”) and finish by tapping the points five times while saying a few words with the positive intention (“I release all this stress, it is no longer useful to me”). Start with the point between your eyebrows and go down one point at a time, finishing with the one on top of your head. Let the technique do its work, then re-evaluate your stress level. If it has not decreased, repeat the exercise with the initial statement: “Even if I’m a little (stressed, anxious), I completely accept myself the way I am.” This exercise, a simple introduction to tapping, allows you to take charge of your happiness on a daily basis by emptying the emotional charges.

Namasté and have a great ski season!

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