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The Holidays at Strøm: time to reconnect with yourself and with your loved ones. Also, the art of reconnecting without being in a hurry… Our Christmas has Scandinavian accents. And this year’s Christmas is a tribute to slowness. Between Nordic simplicity and moments of reunion, the holiday spirit at Strøm honors nature, authenticity and shared moments.

For a Scandinavian Christmas

Celebrate Christmas Eve in hygge mode
“Hygge is about atmosphere and experience, rather than tangible things: it’s about being with the people you love. That feeling you have when you are in your place, like at home. It is also the feeling of being safe, protected from the outside world, and finally being able to let your guard down.”
– Meik Wiking, founder and president of the Happiness Research Institute of Copenhagen.
To celebrate Christmas Eve in hygge mode, create a simple atmosphere. But above all, show the spirit of hygge.

The hygge manifesto according to Wiking

Think candles to recreate the golden hour, this magical moment when the reflection of light is soft, creamy and abundant. It is precisely this subdued light that reflects the spirit of hygge.

There is only the present moment. And the present moment is richer if you disconnect from technology.

Spice cookies and chai tea are on the menu.

When the “We” takes precedence over the “Me”.

We can never talk about it enough.

Harmony through love and the lack of competition.

Cocooning and a relaxed mind, for example, being wrapped in a woolen sweater in front of a fireplace.

Forget ego-related debates.

Because being together, is all that matters. Think relationship.

“We” is your tribe. This is your sanctuary. We are together.
Although the philosophy of hygge values ​​the sweetness of slowness, it is through the whirlwind accompanying the approaching holidays that one can appreciate the true value of calmness. “There needs to be anti-hygge in order for hygge to have value. […] Therefore, it would be impossible to reach hygge without this madness until Christmas, “explains Wiking. Are you running around right now? If so, you will appreciate a charming Scandinavian Christmas Eve even more!

Welcome 2018 with the inspiration of the Lagom philosophy

Balance as the essence of happiness – One of the reasons for such a high happiness rate in the heart of the Nordic countries, the Happiness Research Institute of Copenhagen notes, among other things, the importance of balance: “Happy people count on balance, “according to the 2016 World Happiness Report – The Happy Danes. Lagom, meaning “just enough”, is the art of balance found at the heart of Danish life. What is the secret of this Scandinavian philosophy? To develop a healthy balance with the world around us without having to make extreme changes in our habits or deprive ourselves of anything.

Holiday season: a time of happiness
The link between hygge, lagom and happiness is not a coincidence: it is by combining the principles of well-being of hygge and the balance of lagom that the Danes enjoy a quality of life leading to happiness.

And you, will you welcome the holidays and the New Year with happiness?


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