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Between body transformation and targeted retouching, how do you approach true beauty and above all, improve yourself without distorting yourself? Explanations and testimonials. 

If beauty codes have existed for millennia, the cult of body transformation has upset esthetic standards. A trend closely linked to the impact of new technologies on self-perception. Flattering, funny and (a priori) harmless, instant image retouching and filters to erase our imperfections have created a chasm in the perception of beauty and the esteem of women. Results? The digital generation would increasingly resort to esthetic medicine or surgeries in response to these new criteria of beauty. The latest global study from the International Society for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) reveals a continuing increase in the use of cosmetic surgery around the world. According to the International Master Course on Aging Skin (IMCAS), the 19-34 age group is the one that performs the most surgeries while the 35-50 age group is the one who uses the most injections to delay aging. In the front row, lasers, pulsed lights, chemical dermabrasions, peels but especially injectables (Botox, hyaluronic acid). It is a non-invasive medical intervention that promotes the creation of “harmonious” features by reworking the volumes to sculpt the face from the inside out. But is transforming our body and changing what makes us unique really what leads to true beauty? What are the real motivations? And finally, is it irreversible?

“Removing my breast implants was a homecoming for me.”

At the same time, another trend is emerging: that of “post-intervention” awareness. This is what happened to Cath Bastien, a young influencer known in the world of wellness and fitness. A former competitor in the bikini fitness industry, she says she felt like she struggled with her body for years to achieve a physique that was not in her nature. “There are very strict diets for weeks on end, you do things in an extremely disciplined manner to have a physique that will be compared to others’ on a stage. It might sound strange, but I was really enjoying it,” she says. In her quest for a perfect physique, she decides to have breast implants. “I have a deformity in my rib cage and when we compete, we lose all of our fat percentage. Implants are very common in this environment where everything is a question of body proportions,” she adds. Over time, the passion fades and she questions the meaning of this world which leaves her empty inside. “With the restrictive lifestyle, I wasn’t living my life to the fullest. Stress and anxiety were a big part of my life. I have always been focused on performance and muscles, while I am a very feminine and creative woman. My attention was so focused on creating a beautiful physique that I left no room for my inner development and well-being.” Symptoms of fatigue, repetitive sinusitis and skin itching will follow… She realizes that they are linked to the implants which produce a toxic reaction in her body. “I took out my breast implants and it was a tipping point for me, a comeback to my roots and to who I really am.” She discovers yoga and meditation which are part of her life and of her teachings today, in a beautiful balance between zenitude and energy. “I work more on my inner beauty and I am 10 times more fit today than before and above all I feel better about myself!”

Strom Esthetique HD35 websize - Original beauty

© Bianca Des Jardins

“I tried everything, hoping to look more rested (Botox and hyaluronic acid).”

Fabien is a fashion designer and has worked for clients all over the world. At one point in his life, he saw long-haul flights, jet lag and endless days combined with a poor diet, lots of coffee and regular alcohol consumption. He is so exhausted that he has problems with eczema all over his eyelids. So, he decides to use injections to look more rested. “I had a lot of work and a lot of fatigue, a lack of balance, so I made up for it with these methods,” he says. At first, the magic happens. The signs of fatigue are fading without addressing the real problem of overexertion. “The more tired you are, the more you do and it ends up not being really natural,” adds the one who “tried everything, hoping to look more rested (Botox and hyaluronic acid)” without ever being really satisfied. Today he traded injections for a more global approach to beauty. His advice? Better sleep, good nutrition, a more complete workout routine. “In fact, I find myself more handsome today than even 10 years ago! I think you have to know how to define your expectations and understand the limits of technology. And I think everyone would benefit from knowing more about a holistic beauty approach that doesn’t just address the symptoms but rather the cause,” he adds. “I remain open to all new technologies but I see it today in a more global way.”

Strom QuebecEte HD264 websize - Original beauty

© Bianca Des Jardins

Better self-awareness

The mechanisms of aging are unique to everyone and are influenced by many factors. But more deeply, we must also seek to understand ourselves as individuals. Who are we? What are our days made of? Our environment, our hygiene… Are we getting enough sleep? How many sun exposures per year? Are we taking any medications that destabilize our skin ecosystem? Regeneration to a state of balance is part of the DNA of overall beauty, and taking care of our skin is also an integral part of this balance. Certain breathing techniques promote vitality and regenerate the digestive system, blood circulation, skin, hair. Facial exercises and facial massages are also great ways to preserve our youthfulness. Combined with treatments, certain deep muscle massage methods will stimulate the facial muscles, erase traces of fatigue and plump up the tissues, without forgetting our diet, physical activity and personal development, those essential pillars for preserving one’s beauty heritage and promoting in-depth cell regeneration. In short, whether we use esthetic medicine technologies or not, or whether we experience the physical transformation to better return to the heart of our true essence, the most important thing is to regain this self-awareness that benefits our true beauty.

Strom Esthetique HD31 websize - Original beauty

© Bianca Des Jardins

Strom SherbrookeEte2019 HD179 websize - Original beauty

© Bianca Des Jardins

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