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To welcome the sun and complement the outdoor happy hours that we will be happy to share in the coming weeks, Laurie Josset, chef service at Nord restaurant at Strøm Old Quebec, presents three of her Quebec favourites. As soon as our restaurant reopens, you will also be able to taste these products along with one of our signature dishes. To discover or rediscover!


Blueberry-flavoured rosé cider, from the cider maker Somnanbule

Cider maker / Somnambule

Where / Saint-Henri de Lévis

The product / This semi-dry rosé cider is flavoured with blueberries, freshly picked on the estate; the apples are processed as naturally as possible, with no added sulphites (only 15 g per litre for this cider, which is very little); the label was designed by a Montreal artist, Camille Pratt

Aromas / Blueberries, raspberries and strawberries

Pair with / Perfect as an aperitif, it also pairs well with a duck tartar with blueberries or a salmon gravlax with strawberries

Price / Between $6 and $8

Where to buy /

Vidal white wine, from the Val Caudalies vineyard

Vineyard / Val Caudalies

Where / Dunham, Cantons-de-l’Est

The product / Round and fruity, with a nice complexity and freshness

Aromas / Juicy white peaches and citrus fruits ending on a crisp, tangy green apple note

Pair with / Excellent as an aperitif, it is also perfect with seafood or as an accompaniment to a lemon tofu steak and a carrot and cashew salad

Price / $19.50 in private import, or between $20 and $22 in grocery stores

Where to buy /

Red wine, Pinot Noir, from Domaine St-Jacques

Vineyard / Domaine St-Jacques

Where / Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

The product / Fruity and generous, it is well-balanced and its tannins are supple; to be served at 18°C

Aromas / Red fruits like cherry, toasted and spicy notes of pepper

Pair with / Grilled meat, fish or vegetables

Price / $25.95

Where to buy /


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