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In recent months, Strom has added the Shiné or Shinay meditation to its services, a Tibetan ritual that can be experienced during special events such as our One Day Retreats and the Fridays under the stars.

Shinay is a Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice aiming to quiet the mind. During this sensory experience, while practicing the typical Tibetan breathing technic, you are invited to sit in the steam bath where the smell of essential oils and the sounds of meditation chants, a Tibetan bowl and Tingsha transport you towards complete harmony between your body and your mind. To round off your relaxation, you will have the chance to drink a tea, made of Tibetan Goji berries, that is served to you by the steam bath master.

The Tibetan word Shinay means to calm the mind through meditation. This meditation aims to better manage the stressful situations of everyday life by calming our emotions and the growing physical and psychological troubles, in order to find healing and peace. The ideal way to practice Shinay is in the lotus position. Next we open our mind and try to focus on an object (sound of the Tibetan bowl). The objective of this meditation is to free ourselves from our pains and realize the awakening of our conscience.

Of Tibetan origin, the Tibetan bowls are used in many different therapeutic treatments. The benefits of Tibetan bowls are characterized by their powerful healing properties in combination with medical practices.

The person has to bypass the ear to really feel the sound of the Tibetan bowls. We have to let the sound harmony get through to the deepest center of our being. As soon as the whole body is realigned by the sound, it balances itself and offsets the problems that are responsible for sickness. This being said, Tibetan bowls do not heal, but help the individual in the self-healing process. They allow the releasing of tensions that affect the well-being of the individual.

Each vibration acts differently on the human body. If the bowl is hit with a wooden mallet, the sound that emerges harmonizes the heart of the cells. Other benefits of Tibetan bowls are their impacts on the mind or the accumulated stress. The bowls also act on the vibrational fields. With the seven chakras of the human body, the sounds emitted with the help of the bowls are used to create an energy input into the body.

The tingsha are Tibetan cymbals and are used, in addition to the Tibetan bowl, to promote the meditative states. When struck together, they produce a clear, pure sound, a sound which invites relaxation and contemplation, therefore serving also very well in opening or closing yoga sessions. The finesse of the tiny noise produced by the cymbals brings appeasement. Together with the singing bowl, the tingsha help create a relaxing universe. Their vibrations even purify the space, and in the field of sound therapy, this “little music” can be useful to the sound energy massage.

To complete your relaxation, you will have the chance to drink a tea, made of Tibetan Goji berries, that is served to you by the steam bath master.

The Goji berry, also known as Wolfberry, is a red berry and is picked in the high Himalayan valleys of Tibet and in the Kashmir area, two regions with extreme weather conditions. Thus, to withstand the harsh climate, the goji berry has developed more active antioxidants, like heteropolysaccharides.

Why use the goji berry?

– To fight against cell aging,
– To regulate blood sugar in the blood,
– To enhance the activity of the immune system,
– To regulate sleep by acting on the cerebral neurotransmitters.

Come and experience the Shinay ritual during one of our special events:

One Day Retreat: Nuns’ Island / Mont-Saint-Hilaire
Friday under the stars: Nuns’ Island
/ Mont-Saint-Hilaire
Cozy Thursday: Nuns’ Island
/ Mont-Saint-Hilaire



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