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The essence of motherhood

April 12th, 2023 by Strøm Spa Nordique

Motherhood is a waltz between unconditional love and vulnerability; an initiatory journey, an infinite quest for meaning and balance. Being a mother means taking on a role that is bigger than oneself, filled with joy and pride, but also with responsibility and questioning.

Being a mother means knowing that everything passes, except the love you have for your child. It’s seeing them grow before your eyes and seeing yourself through them, adopting the same manners, the same ideas, or sometimes the complete opposite. It is to be constantly confronted with the passage of time, and to smile at the idea that not so long ago, you were the child being taken care of. It means rethinking your relationship with your own mother, and rethinking the place of the family, which has a different importance at each stage of life. It is repeating things you have known but changing others, and wanting to create traditions and memories.

It is doing your best, loving hard and every day a little differently. It is hoping, worrying, being proud of your child, but also of yourself. It means rethinking your priorities, finding a new balance. Making room for love and chaos without giving up on yourself. It’s seeing your child grow and thrive, while growing away from them in some ways but closer in others, as the closeness of minds replaces that of bodies. It is a bond that transforms and is transformed, a repeated metamorphosis, the power of love in all its glory.

It is probably the greatest mission; an adventure that confronts, that makes you wonder, but above all that is extremely fulfilling.

Mothers take tireless care of their children, but also of all those around them. Even if nothing seems to stand in their way, moms also need to be taken care of in return.

As a mom, making time for yourself is an act of self-love. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a little silence and a moment to close your eyes allows you to tune in to yourself and then return to the world that inevitably draws you back.

Mother’s Day invites us to offer this time to the mothers in our lives, with intention and kindness.

This day can also be a special opportunity for a mother to spend time with her children, when they are older. A lot of emotion can emerge from the bond that exists between a grown child and their mother, as the complicity is renewed in a transformed relationship.

This year, may the importance of pausing to reconnect be at the heart of your celebrations, whether you offer her time for herself or time to spend together.

To all those who have brought life into the world, and to all those who take care of life, happy Mother’s Day.

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