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STRØM NORDIC SPA — Take the time to take a break: a mantra to apply to counter the frenzy of everyday life. Just stop and escape, even close to home. Strøm wellness centres offer four locations where it is possible, for a moment, to stop time. Reconnect with the quiet strength that drives us. Rediscover the slowness of the present moment, one second at a time. Become reacquainted with the authenticity that may be hidden under your everyday worries. Here, time no longer exists. The boundaries between inside and outside are blurred. The warmth of the water contrasts with the Nordic character of the landscapes. These wellness areas seem suspended between the historic remains of key places and the modernity of our lifestyles. From the sweet delights of everyday life to deep reflection, the cocktail at the end of the day can be enjoyed in a bathrobe, wrapped up in a blanket in front of the outdoor fireplace.

StromIDS HD18 web - Four Retreats Designed With Care

Nuns’ Island: the beginning of a wellness mission in 2009


Strøm Nordic Spa—Nuns’ Island is a haven of peace hidden a few minutes from downtown Montreal that offers facilities in harmony with the vastness of nature. The ergonomics of the thermal cycle, the living force, and the current create a regeneration toward a state of equilibrium. This destination is deeply rooted in a holistic vision of beauty and well-being: a range of treatments, massage therapy, changing cuisine, authentic rituals, and a wellness break on the docks of Lac des Battures. Besides being the first Strøm location, this is also an establishment that perfectly combines the natural and the urban. It’s hard to believe that we’re so close to the metropolis.


The fireplace area

Intimacy. Contemplation. Warmth. The strength of the fire mixes with the character of the place, offering a majestic panoramic view of Lac des Battures. A warm space that brings the users together in both summer and winter.

Massages on pilotis

Combining the benefits of nature and massage therapy, massages on pilotis let you extend the outdoor relaxation experience. In the summer, the treatment is offered in the heart of lively and abundant vegetation to the sound of birdsong, while in the winter, the heated rooms become bona fide cocoons where being outside in cold weather has never been so pleasant…

The Rød relaxation room

An experience focused on relieving tension and overall relaxation, the infrared beds let you enjoy all the effects of infrared therapy on the body. Relieve muscle and joint tension, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, stimulate the immune system, firm the skin, improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins…its benefits are multiple. It’s the perfect break for athletes or wellness enthusiasts.

Strom NouveauMSH18 HD98 web - Four Retreats Designed With Care

Strom NouveauMSH18 HD23 web - Four Retreats Designed With Care

Mont-Saint-Hilaire: a view of the summit since 2014


Built in the heart of the Gault Nature Reserve, Strøm Mont-Saint-Hilaire offers moments of absolute contemplation, since silence is king there. This Montérégie spa offers an experience in tune with nature that changes with the seasons. A return to the source, to purity, to the need to find yourself. The impressive windows and sleek lines highlight the wild and abundant natural surroundings. Because everything here starts from the land and from privileged contact with nature, the Nord Restaurant favours local products and flavours. With its panoramic view of Mont Saint-Hilaire, outdoor pool, salt exfoliation area, and innovative relaxation rooms, it’s no surprise that this is the most popular spa in Montérégie.


The panorama room

In this refined, elegant relaxation area, wellness reigns. Organically positioned in the space, the seats and deckchairs let you admire the strength of the outdoors and nature shifting gently from winter to summer. In a place where flora has always been important, the large windows reinforce its attractions.

The outdoor pool

Dug into the foot of the mountain, the large full-sun pool surrounded by the majestic foliage of weeping willows offers a breathtaking view of Mont Saint-Hilaire. The spectacle of nature is offered to swimmers, who enjoy water heated to just the right temperature. A must-visit in all four seasons.

Strom SherbrookeEte2019 HD50 web - Four Retreats Designed With Care

Sherbrooke: combining the urban and the natural since 2016


The choice of noble raw materials, sleek lines, and the cohesion between form and function characterize Strøm Nordic Spa—Sherbrooke, located on the banks of the Lac des Nations. Combining the building and the landscape, this place of refreshment near downtown lets you unwind in total simplicity. In the summer, enjoy the dock, the beach, and a large, sun-drenched terrace. In the winter, bundle up in a fur blanket for a warm moment around the fireplace. A Nordic experience approved by hygge enthusiasts.


The Nat relaxation room

The vastness of silence in the heart of total darkness: the Nat (“night”) relaxation room is an ode to darkness and—above all—a meditative and restorative space where silence is master. For complete relaxation, lie down on the heated black granite beds for about twenty minutes and relax. When the body is placed on a hard, level bed, its weight is distributed more evenly, which provides many benefits, from the maximum relaxation of the muscles and nervous system to the stimulation of blood circulation.

The beach

The beach is flooded with light, both at dawn and at the hour when the sun goes down and gives that golden hue to the landscape. Lush vegetation surrounds the relaxation area, allowing for a privileged view of the Lac des Nations and the pastel-coloured sunsets that are reflected on the water.

The Drøm suspended chair space

This contemplative space invites you to reconnect with the tranquil force of the place. In chairs that seem suspended in space, a feeling of weightlessness relaxes both body and mind. It’s the perfect place to allow yourself a moment of tranquility to synchronize with the infinitely slower rhythm of the natural surroundings.

Strom QuebecEte HD156 web - Four Retreats Designed With Care

TIFF STROM QC ETE 3 web - Four Retreats Designed With Care

Old Quebec: on the banks of the St. Lawrence since 2018


In the heart of a place steeped in history, you will find Strøm Nordic Spa—Old Quebec, undoubtedly the most magnificent spa in the province. The vastness and power as well as the tranquility of the St. Lawrence River give the place a flavour of escape. The thoughtful architectural views harmonize with the richness of the place. The majestic and immense floating bath is surrounded by candles for a flotation experience that approaches meditation. An infinity pool for contemplation, a steam room made of marble, a feeling of intimacy in the atmosphere: the experience is unique and reaches its pinnacle with the indoor/outdoor bath, a journey between darkness and light.


The infinity pool

A visit to Strøm Nordic Spa—Old Quebec is also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the remains of a place steeped in history. Here, at the end of the magnificent Promenade Samuel-De Champlain, the infinity pool along the river recalls the harbour past of the Brown Basin. Immersed in the water, you can observe the changing panorama that takes on new colours and forms in a specific light from one season to the next.

Strøm River

An immersive space that blurs the boundaries between inside and outside, Strøm River offers a circuit focused on contrasts. Light and darkness, inside and outside: a fluid experience that stimulates all five senses, to let yourself drift away quietly.

The floating bath

Reminiscent of the Dead Sea, the floating bath with Epsom salt is made of a dense solution that minimizes the forces of gravity and thereby allows the body to float effortlessly. It provides an experience worthy of a dip in the water of the Dead Sea, with a saline level ranging from 25 to 27%. Thanks to the relaxation of the body and the absence of pressure points, flotation offers a feeling of optimal relaxation.

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