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Strøm Swimwear Collection | Scandinavian Minimalist Aesthetic

November 29th, 2019 by Strøm Spa Nordique

IMMERSION — The fruit of a long period of ideation and creation, the first Strøm swimwear collection is finally here! This exclusive collection, designed in collaboration with the Quebec brand Everyday Sunday, is part of our desire to develop thoughtful, carefully manufactured products that embody the Strøm experience and make it something you can take home with you. Strøm designed this swimwear collection to mesh with the brand universe and reflect its values, identity and clientele.


Inspired by the Scandinavian aesthetic, this first swimwear collection offers minimalist, timeless cuts that have a simple, authentic way of highlighting natural beauty. It features six two-piece suits (interchangeable tops and bottoms) and three one-piece suits for women and one simple, classic swim trunks style for men. Faithful to Strøm’s visual universe, which combines nature and architecture, the collection reflects the clean, straight, graphic lines of its facilities while incorporating the dominant colours: grey, blue, white and black.


Wishing to celebrate beauty in all its forms, Strøm Nordic Spa worked on the design with realism, inclusion and transparency in mind. Each piece has been designed to showcase natural beauty at any age. We launched the collection in the same spirit, with authentic, natural, inspiring models.

“Our choice of models demonstrates this desire for well-being with an honest representation of beauty, which is illustrated by a healthy lifestyle, above all,” says Emilie Lefebvre-Morasse, Vice-President, Marketing and Sales.


To view the lookbook and see the short films of the unveiling, visit


Thirteen exclusive one- and two-piece suits, ranging from $40 to $90, are now available at all Strøm Nordic Spas and our online store. A second collection will be unveiled in 2020.

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