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You have a new interest in yoga and you are excited by the idea of ​​sharing this passion with your loved one or a friend? Here are some poses that are great to practice together and do not require acrobatics.

The Classic

forward + back bend (difficulty level: 1)

8 - Yoga for two


Sitting back to back, with your legs crossed; take the time to feel the breath of your partner in your back area for a few breaths. At the exhale, bend the body forward starting from the hips. Pay attention to keep your spine elongated. You partner slowly follows your movement with his/her back towards a back bend. Try to keep your shoulders aligned with each other. Be attentive to each other so the movements of this exercise are smooth. Hold the pose for 3 deep breaths. Repeat, but now it’s your partners turn to bend forward and yours to bend backwards.

The Amusing

Boat pose (difficulty level: 2)

7 - Yoga for two


Have fun doing this pose together and push each other’s limits. In a sitting position, face to face, grab your partner’s hands by bending your knees. Tighten your stomach, lean back and try putting the soles of your feet on your partner’s. Keep the balance and slowly straighten the knees. Well done!

The Stylish

Bow and cobra pose (difficulty level: 3)

42 copie - Yoga for two


Your partner starts with his/her belly on the ground, keeping the pelvic area pushed onto the mat. Standing, place your legs on each side of the femurs (or hips depending on the height) of your partner. He/She lifts her arms off the floor, palms up to go into the cobra pose. Grab his/her hands and try to lift your body to a horizontal position. The more advanced can arch their back and bring the heart and head towards the back. Photos serve as examples. Go slow, don’t overdo it!

The Athletic

Chair pose (difficulty level: 2)


9 - Yoga for two

Standing with the backs glued together, grab each other’s elbows. Press your back into the back of your partner and vice versa while you slowly move your feet forward. The trick: to stay connected from the lower back to the shoulders and bring your knees to a 90 degrees angle. If this posture is easy, try to undo the elbows and raise your arms towards to sky. Hallelujah.

The Complex

Torsions (difficulty level: 4)

6 - Yoga for two


With your partner behind you, you’re both standing back to back with your legs shoulder width apart (about one leg length away from each other). Raise your arms to shoulder height. On the exhale, twist and grab the right ankle (or calf) of your partner with your left hand. Your partner will catch your left ankle (calf) with his left hand. Your two right hands will join in the center.

There you go, you did it. Breathe and repeat on the other side.

The Soft

Shavasana + Massage

Ah yes, already time for Shavasana. The possibilities of yoga poses for two are endless, but there is nothing better than to take a moment and relax in the Corpse pose while your partner massages your neck.

Wishing you a happy and zen Valentine’s Day.

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