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While participating in a yoga class have you ever been intrigued by the meaning of Solar Plexus? This term which at first might seem a bit esoteric evokes an entire energy-giving world whose understanding teaches us more about ourselves.

The basis being the ancestral Indian tradition, the chakras are energy centers hidden in the body. When certain chakras are congested, blocked or unbalanced, it creates blockages. Here are some tips and tricks to help us use the chakras in our everyday lives



Muladhara - Chakras | from the basis to the cosmos

The first chakra, Mooladhara is linked to the earth, to our roots, to the rich abundance of this earth that supports us in our lives, but especially to our anchorages. Some signs that this chakra might be unbalanced: Are you afraid of running out of resources? Do you suffer from a loss of appetite? A few sessions of visualization or meditation while sitting comfortably on a red blanket, gardening with your hands deeply buried in the earth, and the garland pose (Malasana) might help.


Swadhisthana - Chakras | from the basis to the cosmos

But what if we are anchored and focused but lack creativity, the strength to live, or desire? To give some strength to our second chakra, the one that is linked to creativity and sexuality, one can do some seated poses like the butterfly. This chakra is related to water. Take the time during your meditation to visualize the ocean, listen to the waves or even better go there. Some spices can also help to boost the Swadisthana chakra, for example the Maca powder.


Recorrected manipura - Chakras | from the basis to the cosmos

To accomplish all our efforts we are supported by the Manipura chakra, yellow, golden, warm, called the Solar Plexus, the center of our Emotions (with a capital E), our confidence and our determination. This small point is located in the center of our body and also the spot where we sometimes feel pain. A couple of tender massages with the hands on this precise point (clockwise), the cobra pose, or a sitting twist like the matsyendrasana might help.



1200px Chakra4.svg - Chakras | from the basis to the cosmos

But what if we accepted these emotions, without judgment? And we learn to love ourselves the way we are? Including all our faults and our successes? To help us do that, we call upon the Anahata chakra. It is also known as the chakra of the heart, unconditional love, nobility and authenticity. It also supports our lung functions. Asthma, chronic bronchitis and emotional dependencies are signs of imbalance. Surround yourself with gentleness, friends that listen and learn to forgive. Taking a bath with Epson salt and rose water, practicing heart-opening poses like the fish pose but mostly be grateful. Here and now, name three things you’re grateful for.


1200px Chakra5.svg - Chakras | from the basis to the cosmos

Once our heart chakra is open, we notice that our words and ways of communication are changing as well. We become more understanding with ourselves and others. Our relationship with ourselves is better defined, located in the fifth chakra, called the Vishudha chakra. Its color is blue, it is situated at our throat level and this chakra can be re-balanced with the candle pose (sarvangasana) or the camel pose (ushtrasana). In meditation one can practice to relax the jaw, shoulders and throat, breath out through the mouth. Let’s find the balance between listening and speaking, between the earth and the sky, between dreams and actions.


1200px Chakra6.svg - Chakras | from the basis to the cosmos

Let’s bring our attention to the Ajna chakra by focusing on the point between our eyebrows, the third eye. This chakra is located in the center of the brain in the pituitary. It supports our memorization capacity, concentration and intuition. It also allows for total control of our thoughts. The dysfunction of this chakra can make itself felt by headaches or eye problems. It is interesting to know that the qualities that are being developed are the ability to discern (see what’s real and what isn’t), but also clairvoyance: Let’s do it! Our best tools: meditate by bringing the attention to the point between the eyebrows or do the child’s pose (balasana) or the eagle pose (garudasana).


1200px Sahasrara Mandala.svg - Chakras | from the basis to the cosmos

Sahasrara is the seventh and last chakra. The crown chakra binds our individual nature to the universe. Since everything is connected, this chakra is the divine connection we have with the cosmos. The spiritual experience is not a practice that can be explained, we can continue to meditate and become the best version of ourselves, and for a little challenge we can start our practice of the head stand pose.

The ultimate goal of the chakras is simple: to prevent blockage! Let us be ourselves and keep in mind that the simple fact to take the time to study ourselves, to become aware of our body and our energy level is already a big step towards the cosmos.

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