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Going on a retreat in Bhutan, the last Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas, using the energy of a vortex in Arizona to rejuvenate our soul and cleanse our karma, practicing Tai Chi in a Chinese temple in the mountains of the Silk Road … Let’s travel to the heights of the world to find ourselves.

By Judith Ritchie, wellness expert and founder of

web49418413-h1-exterior_view_of_uma_punakhaBhutann – COMO


Bhutan is probably the most inspiring country of the future. Nestled between India and China, in the heart of the Himalayas, Bhutan, the last Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas, made the spiritual and emotional well-being its national priority. Every day, school starts in the morning with a meditation session. When hiking in the mountains, their mantra is the following: “Take only pictures and leave only your footprints”. What is Bhutan’s wealth? It’s called “Gross National Happiness”. Located in the heart of the Paro Valley, the hotel Uma by COMO is a jewel nestled in the middle of a mountain range called the “thrones of the gods.” It is right here, on top of the world where the COMO Shambhala Retreat offers custom made well-being stays that provide the opportunity to discuss Buddhism with the local monks and to test the Bhutanese hot stone bath. To experience and feel the mountain and the spiritual energy of the place, mountain bike rides, relaxing excursions and bivouac hikes can be arranged. To get there: the flight from Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital, passing over the Himalayas and the Everest is a journey in itself … rooftop of the world, just like we said. Uma Paro, Bhutan, Phone: +975 8 271597, Email: [email protected]. Website:

welcome_pavilion_view_6124-originalChina – Four Seasons


At the airport of Chengdu, a Tesla Model S, one of the greenest cars ever, is expecting you and brings you to a place beyond time. Located at the picturesque gateway to the majestic Qing Cheng Mountains, Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain was created to complement the UNESCO World Heritage and Natural Cultural site nearby Dujiangyan. According to the stories told, it is in this region, also known as the land of the Giant Pandas, that the legendary Silk Road originated. The spa features 10 treatment rooms offering stunning views of the waterfall and garden and has a selection of specialized treatments with local inspiration, wellness programs over several days, rejuvenation therapies, yoga and exclusive Tai Chi lessons in the heart of the Ancient Puzhao Temple, in the middle of the mountains. The guests are greeted by a Tai Chi master who has trained under Liu Sui Bin, one of the most famous Tai Chi grandmasters in China. The master teaches a particular style of Tai Chi originating from the region by the name of Qing Cheng Tai Chi Six Moves. Beauty and tranquility, serenity, breathing … to focus on the flow of each movement. Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain. 2 Dong Ruan Road, Qingcheng Mountain Town, Dujiangyan, Chengdu, Sichuan, 611844, China. Phone: +86 28 8728 9871, Website:



Sedona is for sure one of the cities that pioneered the “new age” and spiritual awakening movement. Rumor has it that its red rocks sculpted by the wind, are a powerful vortex that attracted a great number of shaman healers to move there. The natural vortex or terrestrial magnetism allegedly has the power to create and release a highly regenerative energy. One stay in the Arizona desert is enough to realize how powerful the energy actually is, making it a destination of choice for a retreat focused on love, awakening, emotional intelligence and overall well -being. Among the highlights of the different retreat options is the Mii Amo by the Enchantment Group. It is located in the Boynton Canyon, which is considered a sacred place, and offers several stays focused on serenity, the benefits for the soul and inner harmony guided by invited coaches. There are many different themes and they even offer cures for “karmic cleansing” (The Matrix of Karma, from November 13 to 17, 2016). All in a holistic approach that takes into consideration and understands the treatments, nutrition, massages and connection with the wisdom of this natural and spiritual place. 525 Boynton Canyon Road, Sedona, USA, Phone: +1 844-244-9487, Website:



Located in the heart of the Grison Alps, Flims Laax is one of the best kept secrets of Switzerland. Built in 1877, the hotel Waldhaus has retained its charm of the “Belle Epoque” while the spa with its modern and sublime design is in stark contrast. The wellness center which is part of the “Leading Spas of the World” is a small marvel. Words that come to mind? Calmness, nature, mountains. The baths are fed by the mountain spring waters of Flims. Amongst one of their signature attractions is the indoor pool in a transparent cube, the highly detoxifying salt water activates the self-healing functions. There is a fluid transition from the indoor to the outdoor pool and the whirlpools and massage jets are guaranteed to help you with your total wellbeing. The architecture of the spa is magnified by quartzite, a stone fused by quartz grains that transforms the baths into an oasis of calm and relaxation with its large windows overlooking the surrounding mountains. For ski lovers, the hotel offers free ski-bus transfers to the neighboring ski resorts. The spa was also the main filming location of the movie “YOUTH – La Giovinezza,” by the Oscar winning director Paolo Sorrentino with actors Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel, Jane Fonda and Rachel Weisz. Breathtaking images! Waldhaus Flims, Via dil Parc, 7018 Flims, Switzerland, Phone: +41 81 928 48 48, Website:



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