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Office party

This is the opportunity to have fun with our look outside the usual dress restrictions. We dare to modernize a retro look. My favorite look from the last decades is the look from the 50’s, which perfectly complements a dress with sequins or a black bodysuit.

We start by applying a base makeup on the whole face and the eyelids. Next we use an eye shadow or a pencil that is the same color or slightly lighter than the color of our hair and draw on our eyebrows by giving them an arch worthy of Marilyn Monroe. With the help of a transparent gel we get them to hold by brushing the hairs towards the top to give a volumizing effect. Apply a beige eye shadow on the eye lid and with another neutral eye shadow color, brown or taupe, accentuate the crease of the eye. We can also highlight about three quarters of the bottom lashes of our eye with the same shadow. Next we take eyeliner, preferably liquid, and draw a line as close to the lashes as possible making sure that it gets thicker and extends beyond the outer corner of the eyelid to create the cat eye effect. We finish the eye makeup with a thick coat of mascara and / or individual lashes. Afterwards we will even out and correct the complexion with a good concealer and a medium coverage foundation. Apply blush or bronzer under the cheek bones going up towards the temple so as to define the shape of the face without going into extreme contouring, apply illuminator on the cheek bones, the brow bones and the cupid’s bow to add light, fix the T-zone with a mattifying powder. To finish we draw luscious lips with the help of a lip liner and apply burgundy red lip stick rather than classic red to achieve a more modern look.

Marianne_MUA_Strom-web-3Recommended products: Brow Wiz from Anastasia, Sephora / Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner from Stila, Sephora / Lipstick No. 49 from Make Up For Ever

Evening look / Glam

An outing with friends or with your sweetheart where a little magic is desired.

Again, it is very important to apply a base makeup on the face and eyelids. Then without accentuating or exaggerating the natural arch of the eyebrow too much, we fill in the irregularities with a brow pencil and then brush the eyebrows upwards. Apply a medium gray eye shadow on the entire eyelid. With a dark gray eye shadow, accentuate the outer corner of the eye by applying the shadow in the form of a horizontal V and also accentuate the outer corner of the lower eyelid with the same color. With an eyeliner draw a classic line that is not too long but slightly exceeding the outer corner of the eye, then apply sparkling eyeliner on top. By applying mascara that thickens your lashes, we create extravagant eyelashes. The key to this step is to thoroughly cover each and every eyelash with mascara. Repeat the steps of the previous look for a fresh and illuminated complexion. To finish the look we create luscious lips with a lip liner that is slightly darker than the lipstick.

Marianne_MUA_Strom_web-6Recommended products: DiorShow Mascara from Dior, Sephora / Whirl lip liner from MAC / Velvet Teddy Lipstick from MAC

Family Party

Here we go for a monochrome makeup trend that highlights our natural beauty. The family Christmas Eve dinners are synonymous with gastronomic pleasures so we forget the burgundy red lips and opt for simplicity.

Marianne_MUA_Strom-web-5For this look we start by correcting and even out the skin tone since the eyes are very natural and therefore there is no danger of powder residue falling and sticking to the foundation. We opted for a rather light foundation or even a BB Cream for a bare skin effect. We brush the eyebrows upwards only using a transparent gel. We apply peach colored blush on our cheekbones going up towards the temples and continue to apply it on the entire eyelid, blending it toward the crease of the eye. We apply a coat of mascara on the upper and lower lashes in order to make our eyes seem bigger and we finish by putting some pink lip balm on our lips.

Marianne_MUA_Strom-web-1Recommended products: Deep Throat Blush from Nars, Sephora / Brow Tamer Gel from Urban Decay, Sephora



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