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Being inspired by different practices from around the world, Strøm offers a diverse and culturally rich experience program. Let’s shed some light on the Shiné, a Tibetan Buddhist meditation that takes place during our Wellness Mondays.

Shiné is a Tibetan word and means “to calm the mind through meditation”. This meditation aims to better manage the stressful situations of our everyday life by calming our emotions as well as the physical and mental conditions. Open yourself up to calmness and tranquility by focusing on one element, such as the sound of the Tibetan bowl, while sitting in the lotus pose.

The Tibetan bowls serve many therapeutic purposes. To be receptive to their powerful healing properties, the individual must go “further than just hearing the sound” to get to the point where one really feels the sounds and vibrations. Being in a meditative state allows the harmonious sounds to penetrate to the innermost part of the being. As soon as the whole body is re-harmonized by the sound, it finds its balance and is able to counteract the ailments that are responsible for illnesses. The Tibetan bowls do not heal: they help the individual in their self-healing process  by getting rid of the tensions that harm their well-being. The sounds act on the vibratory fields and are in connection with the seven chakras of the body. Each vibration acts differently on the human body.

Tingshas are Tibetan cymbals used in addition to the Tibetan bowl to promote a meditative state. They serve equally well to open or close meditation sessions, and in sonotherapy it is believed that their vibrations purify the space.

To finish the ritual, the steam bath master offers an herbal tea made with goji fruits from Tibet. The goji fruit, also known as Wolfberry, is a red berry, picked in the high Himalayan valleys of Tibet and in the Kashmir area, two regions with extreme weather conditions. To withstand the harsh climate the goji berry possesses a large amount of antioxidant active ingredients, such as heteropolysaccharides. The goji berry has many virtues: it helps to fight against aging cells, regulates blood glucose levels, boosts the immune system and regulates sleep by acting on the cerebral neurotransmitters.

Participate in our Wellness Mondays and experience the Shiné ritual. Visit, click on the event tab to view our Wellness Monday calendar.