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do you know the quebec-based company atypique? 

Established in October 2020 and cofounded by Étienne Boulay, Atypique offers you your favourite classic cocktails — the only difference is that they are non-alcoholic and low in sugar!

Étienne has been sober for five years, and he wanted to create a selection of non-alcoholic drinks that would be different from simple juices and other traditional nectars. After discussing his idea with Jonathan Robin, president and owner of Station Agro-Biotech (as well as the Noroi distillery and Le Bilboquet microbrewery), they decided to embark on the project together. In a few sentences, here is the origin of Atypique, which we encourage you to discover without delay.

Atypique is the perfect blend between an innovative idea and a creative team.

It’s the story of Étienne, who has inspired the very image of Atypique.

Strom ColoMagSS22 HD 5 - Atypique: Delicious Non-Alcoholic Cocktails 

“I always considered myself to be an atypical person. I never fit the mould or used the beaten path to get to where I am. I surround myself with people who are like me, who aren’t afraid to be different and who are proud to do things differently! I believe it’s our differences that should bring us together the most.”

– Étienne Boulay


Atypique aims to push the boundaries of ready-to-drink cocktails by offering a non-alcoholic version of the classic cocktails that everyone loves—that is, a delicious alternative for those who don’t want to consume alcohol, regardless of the reason.

Since its launch, the Atypique team has already received hundreds of testimonials. Pregnancy, taking medications, health problems, fitness: any reason to reduce or stop your alcohol consumption is a good one. Atypique has therefore become the perfect cocktail: one that requires no justification. But let’s not forget that it’s also their secret flavours and recipes that make Atypique’s drinks one-of- a-kind. Their taste is surprising, refreshing, and unlike anything that has been done before in this market. This isn’t just a smart alternative to replace alcoholic beverages, but a combination of flavours that will simply delight your taste buds!

Strom ColoMagSS22 HD 8 web - Atypique: Delicious Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

the atypique association 

A few months after the brand was launched, the Atypique team founded the Atypique Association. Much more than a newsletter, it’s a way for members to get involved in the company’s decisions and future activities. Surveys, focus groups, discussions with team members, prototype tastings, and much more! Don’t hesitate to become a member!

a varied range of flavours 

Aliments Québec-certified and available in 355-mL cans, these ready-to-drink cocktails are as practical as they are thirst-quenching. The flavours offered include spritz, gin & tonic, mojito, spiced rum & cola, red sangria, amaretto sour, and the most recent, margarita. And attention all amateur cocktail creators: there are now three non-alcoholic spirits in 500-mL bottles: aperitivo, gin, and whiskey offer you the possibility to create your own cocktails according to your taste!

Available at IGA and our online store. Some cocktails offered at Strøm Nordic Spa restaurants also use our non- alcoholic spirits. Ask the team about them!