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All our services are available again. Enjoy our enchanting sites, the thermal experience (including saunas and steam baths), our indoor and outdoor relaxation areas as well as our dining rooms and terraces. Massage therapy and beauty treatments also remain available.

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Mont-Saint-Hilaire | Launch of cozy Thursdays Image!

June 27th, 2016 by Strøm Spa Nordique

Tasting bubbles and a glass, Aufguss sauna, music and festive atmosphere were to rendezvous at the launch of the cozy Thursdays at Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

“Recently, I had the opportunity to live a more pleasant and warm” 5-7 “of my existence. The “Cozy Thursdays Strøm Spa.” (Thursdays cozy landed at Strom Spa Mont-Saint-Hilaire, The Notebook)

“We tested the CHAMPAGNE AND VERRINES and it was awesome! “(10 activities to do as a couple in Montreal

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