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To meet the need to reconnect with an optimal life balance, Strøm Nordic Spa’s facilities draw on the heart of a tradition that has been firmly rooted in our Nordic neighbours for 2,000 years.

A desire for disconnection, a search for immunity, a quest for balance. On the margins of instant cures, Strøm invites you to make wellness a lifestyle by cultivating the art of thermotherapy.

Strom MSH Janvier19 HD117 - Four Refuges Combining Ancestral Knowledge and Modernity

If the need for disconnection is growing, our expertise—forged over the years—takes care of what is necessary to disconnect. To enjoy the benefits of the waters, you must first be relaxed.

With a thoughtful, relaxing setting and an atmosphere conducive to presence, the awakening of the senses, and silence, the benefits of thermal shock, cold, and sweating are experienced in a more conscious way. The call of calm at the service of the spa experience. An appointment to explore facilities combining ancestral knowledge and modernity.

Strom MSH Janvier19 HD6 - Four Refuges Combining Ancestral Knowledge and Modernity

a finnish heritage 

Recognized for its benefits for the skin, heart, and overall health, the sauna is a Finnish ritual that resembles a dry heat bath. Practised daily, it helps strengthen the immune system and fight infections.

Thanks to the heat, the sauna creates an artificial state of fever in the body. This state stimulates the immune system by causing a higher production of white blood cells and antibodies that are devoted to fighting diseases.

Great news for sauna enthusiasts: according to a recent study published by researchers from Université Laval and CHU de Québec, the sauna tradition might have a protective effect against Alzheimer’s. A Finnish study also came to the same conclusion a few years ago. In the Neurobiology of Aging magazine, it has been shown that raising the body temperature might have the effect of reducing the deterioration of the tau proteins in the brain, a phenomenon associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

StromMSH Février2020 HD7 - Four Refuges Combining Ancestral Knowledge and Modernity

Barrel sauna


The popular tradition of the sauna is reinventing itself in surprising architectural forms. To the delight of fans of enveloping panoramas, the barrel sauna is experienced intimately, with an incomparable view of Mont Saint-Hilaire.

“Those who do not set aside a little time every day for their health will one day have to devote a great deal of time to their illness.”

— Sébastien Kneipp (1821–1897), creator of the Kneipp method, which is primarily based on hydrotherapy

the healing power of water

Re-taming the art of the shower and the cold bath is what Father Kneipp, “the doctor of water,” proposes. He was one of the first to treat himself, then the people around him, using the benefits of cold water.

According to the priest, this hardens the body to prevent illness. Scottish shower, ice bath, Nordic waterfall. His ultimate remedy: water.

While cold water restores order to the body, hot water helps intensify the benefits of cold water. By dilating and contracting the blood vessels, the hot-cold contrast of the thermal experience activates the hormonal and immune systems as well as the heart, liver, and stomach.

StromIDS Hiver19 HD26 - Four Refuges Combining Ancestral Knowledge and Modernity

Nordic waterfall 

STRØM nordic spa — Nuns’ island: an invigorating experience

With its most recent immersive cold-water pool, its cool outdoor shower, and its Nordic waterfalls, Strøm Nordic Spa — Nuns’ Island is an invitation to experience the healing virtues of cold water, one thermal cycle at a time.

Strom IDS2020 HD13 - Four Refuges Combining Ancestral Knowledge and Modernity

Cold pool

“Silence is the heart that listens, the absolute interiority.”

— Alain Corbin, historian and author of the book

A History of Silence: From the Renaissance to the Present Day

Strom SherbrookeHiver22 HD 45 - Four Refuges Combining Ancestral Knowledge and Modernity

Nat room

Strom SherbrookeHiver22 HD 11 1 - Four Refuges Combining Ancestral Knowledge and Modernity

Nordic bath with waterfall

a soothing ritual

In A History of Silence: From the Renaissance to the Present Day, French historian Alain Corbin talks to us about the “silent language of the soul”—that of contemplation, the infinite, the elusive, depth, and calm.

From inner silence to outer silence, passing through muffled silence, the quest, even the learning and discipline of silence become integral practices of the monastic and Buddhist traditions.

The outer silence that reigns at Strøm’s spas is an invitation to achieve inner silence. Although they are immaterial, the benefits of silence are tangible. This state of self-forget- ting and surrendering to the moment opens up new perspectives. When silence reigns, the brain is less demanded, which contributes to proper cerebral functioning, stress management, and increased creativity, concentration, and fulfillment.

Strom SherbrookeHiver22 HD 55 - Four Refuges Combining Ancestral Knowledge and Modernity

Bål room

STRØM nordic spa — Sherbrooke: Omnipresent tranquility

In search of that silence that lives within us. At Strøm Nordic Spa — Sherbrooke, the Nat (“night” in Danish) relaxation room is a space that invites silence, through silence. Immersion in darkness, lying on a daybed with a starry sky overhead, allows you to experience the void and rest all your senses.

sensory mindfulness

Mindfulness is a form of open presence, a way of inhabiting the world, a return inward. It can be practised anywhere, at any time of day. A simple way to integrate it into our daily routine is to direct our attention to our different sensations.

Experiencing notable success around the world, it has proven itself in terms of its benefits for the brain: improved memory and empathy, better stress management, emotional regulation.

The latest studies from Belgian neurologist Steven Laureys, recognized worldwide for his work on mindfulness, bear witness to an important phenomenon: the structure and functioning of the brains of people who prac- tise mindfulness every day differ from those of other people in the same age group, since this practice protects the brain from aging.

To integrate sensory experiences into this ritual, it is sufficient to pay attention to what our senses are making us experience and welcome these sensations without judgment or restraint.

Breathe in the aromas of a steam bath, treat yourself to a massage under the water jets, listen to the sounds of nature, float, contemplate, taste. The spa experience makes it possible to immerse yourself in the present moment, and calling on our five senses maximizes its benefits.

Strom QuebecW22 HD 69 - Four Refuges Combining Ancestral Knowledge and Modernity

STRØM nordic spa —old quebec: several experiences in one

An invitation to the awakening of the senses. At Strøm Nordic Spa — Old Quebec, the vastness of the river observed from the infinity pool, the powerful contrasts at the heart of the Strøm River, the Zerobody and lumino-meditation experiences, and the flavours of the Nord Restaurant allow for instant wellness. Thoughtful views, sensations, contrasts, sounds, and aromas lead to the emergence of mindfulness.

StromQuebec Février2020 HD128 - Four Refuges Combining Ancestral Knowledge and ModernityStrom Quebec Hiver19 HD126 - Four Refuges Combining Ancestral Knowledge and Modernity



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