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From the rejuvenating check-up to the oxygenating retreat, five international retreats make waves in the global beauty industry to help renew the vital energy.
By Judith Ritchie, wellness expert and founder of

Nestled in the Sierra Helada Mountains in Spain, you find the Sha Wellness Clinic, “THE” destination for all detox enthusiasts in Europe. The Sha method approaches the subject of healthy aging through a combination of macrobiotic nutrition and natural therapies (acupuncture, shiatsu, syoga, chikung, Tai Chi, Watsu, risotherapy, moxibustion, reiki). The goal is the following: to reactivate the health potential of each person with protocol points at the medical level, as well as at the wellness and aesthetic medicine level. Tests are being made at the physical, psychological and analytical (biochemical, hormonal, immunological, genetic and microbiological) level. A treatment and the rehabilitation for the new lifestyle are started immediately.

In the heart of the jungle, above the Ayung River in Ubud, Bali, you will find the energetic paradise of Como Shambhala Estate. Shambhala? It means “peace” in Sanskrit. Add to that the vegetation and oxygen and you get: new life. The reason to go there: a complete detoxification and rejuvenation retreat. On the schedule: yoga session and meditation at the Ojas pavilion (essence of life), Pilates at the Shikara studio (the mountain peak), detox in the vitality pool with its powerful water jets pulsating on different parts of the body (back , soles, calves) and a dietetic meal at “Glow” restaurant. The wellness retreats are offered for a stay of three, five or seven nights: purification, Ayurveda, rejuvenation, stress management, Fitness. COMO Shambhala Estate, Ubud, Gianyar 80571, Bali, Indonesia Tel: +62 361 978 888, Website:

Adored by the European press, the Henri Chenot method is based on the principle of “Biontology”, and consists of rebalancing the body by helping him get rid of toxins, that are responsible for the “deterioration” of the cells and premature aging. According to Henri Chenot, the human body lives a new cycle every 24 hours. This cycle is divided into three phases: the elimination of toxins, the assimilation of essential nutrients and the regeneration in which the nutrients are absorbed by the body to restore its main functions. Stemming from the famous Chenot de Merano method in Italy, the SPA “Espace Vitalité Chenot ” of the Selman Marrakech hotel offers detoxifying treatments, a Biolight cuisine and aesthetic medicine sessions. This is your opportunity to regenerate your body in the atmosphere of a Riad, and find absolute relaxation in the shade of moucharabiehs.


Regeneration in higher altitude is also gaining ground internationally. At the heights of Oberbort in the heart of the Bernese Alps in Switzerland, the Six Senses Spa of the new luxury hotel The Alpina Gstaad offers detox, fitness, Ayurvedic therapies, chromotherapy, hydrotherapy and traditional Swiss massage. There are twelve cabins, a float room, a steam room, a salt grotto, an indoor pool, a room dedicated to the practice of yoga, pilates and aerobics as well as a juice bar… At the entrance of the spa, a “Tree of Life” symbolizes the universal concept of life, growth and vitality. The treatment rooms are designed with the image of a cottage where the wood beams set the tone. The Alpina Gstaad, Promenade 54, 3780 Gstaad, Switzerland, 033 748 44 88.

Incredibly energizing, iodized air attracts many spa guests in search of well-being. To optimize overall health, the Sofitel Diététique in Quiberon in Brittany, France is based on three pillars: a detox diet, a comprehensive treatment program supervised by the experts of the institute, and gentle activities (yoga, detoxifying awakening). Exclusive to this hotel the respirology sessions allow improving balance and vitality, thanks to breath control and the awareness of the body’s oxygenation capacity. The four elements associated with it: the sea water to let go, the earth to refocus, the fire to regain energy, the air to amplify the breath and reduce stress. Pointe de Goulvars, Quiberon, (+33) 2/97502000.



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