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Have you ever participated in a One Day Retreat at Strom Nordic spa?
This rejuvenating one day event allows you to live a unique experience combining the thermal experience, healthy food, rituals, a wellness conference and a yoga and meditation session. As so adequately expressed by the Indian proverb “Treat your body well so that your soul would want to stay in it!”

Following a few words our participants shared with us about their experience. Happy reading!

“My favorite part: the Sauna Aufguss. I loved the essential oils and the meditation! ”

– Magalie

“I liked the conference on nutrition. Isabelle Huot is very competent! ”

– Laura


“A zen, relaxing and rewarding experience!”

– Anonymous

“I feel more alive and energized! The meal was delicious. The speaker was very inspiring! I loved the yoga. ”

– Louise

“WOW! To absolutely be repeated. ”

– Anonymous

“My favorite part: EVERYTHING. Well organized, comprehensive, excellent dinner and very nice and courteous staff. ”

– Carmen

“I loved the speaker Judith Ritchie, she is real, authentic and inspiring. Amy Walsh, the yoga teacher, is excellent! ”

– Elizabeth

“It’s very interesting to approach health in a holistic way. A beautiful day for yourself, with yourself and to share! ”

– Michèle


“The stress of the past months is gone. A relaxing day that did my body good. I feel light, energized, revitalized. I did not think about anything and it felt good. ”

– Luisa

“My favorite part: the Sauna Aufguss and aromatherapy. It was my first time and I absolutely adored it! The yoga session followed by the spa experience is a great combination. A feeling of inner peace and quality time spent with a good friend. ”

– Camille


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