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The question might seem a little strange when you first read it. Who in our society would refuse the abundance of success?
By Geneviève Desautels, contributor professional and personal leadership

In reality, the vast majority of individuals state that they would like to achieve financial independence at an age that allows them to enjoy live besides their professional lives.

Others say that the abundance of success is not a question of money but a question of overall wellness referring to our relationships with family, friends, love and the quality of our physical and psychological health.

However, to “tell” ourselves or to tell others are two completely different things. It often reveals what we would like to be … It’s as if we invented, consciously or unconsciously, an avatar that managed to make peace with our beliefs that too often sabotage our real access to the abundance of success.

Let’s put this into a situation. You have a conversation with your sweetheart or a good friend in whom you trust. Here comes the money question. How do you feel? How do you express yourself? Listen to yourself talk about money. Are you talking with confidence and determination, or rather with restraint and some discomfort (which may even be felt physically)?

Whenever you have a contentious conversation about money, as it happens for example in a couple, what is your internal dialogue?

How do you react when you are being asked about your salary expectations in a job interview?

What is your level of comfort when requesting a reevaluation of your working conditions or demanding a new status for the next step in your career path?

To which degree are you underestimating yourself when you are asked to self-assess your skills or the achievement of your goals for example?

The first step to the abundance of success is to really believe that you deserve it; respect yourself and really love yourself and believe in yourself as if you are your biggest “fan”.

Some will say: “I will seem arrogant and infatuated with myself in the eyes of others if I adopt this attitude.”

In response, I invite you to observe your professional and personal entourage.

How come that certain people appear to be arrogant and others not at all? To which point are those who annoy you because of their arrogance and overconfidence (real or fake) a mirror image of yourself. You would have everything to gain by believing in yourself.

To further reflect on the themes of this article, here are some references:

  • TEDx Conference by Caroline Casey on the impact of our beliefs



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