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As summer comes to an end, we can feel the weather changing, and the beginning of fall is also a good time to change our skin care routine. First of all, we separate our routine into four steps; in each step I will add a product suggestion from the Nelly De Vuyst skin care line.

Nelly De Vuyst uses a wide range of plant extracts and essential oils obtained from certified botanical plants; they are carefully extracted to preserve the richness and the benefits that nature has to offer.

1) Cleansing / Make up removal

It is important to clean your face daily, in the morning and in the evening. We don’t realize that a bit of cleanser, even if it is washed away, always remains on our skin. A lot of people have skin problems that are worsened by the use of unsuitable products. To choose the right skin cleanser, it is important to know your skin type. There are several types of cleansers: milks, creams, gels and oils. Select the one that will work for you by assessing the state of dehydration of your skin. The richer textures are recommended for dry skin and light texture for oily skin.

The Hydrocell Cleansing Milk is suitable for all skin types. It removes makeup residue and impurities leaving your skin fresh and hydrated.

The Soft Net Cleansing Cream is also suitable for all skin types, but is more specifically recommended for thicker skin. Its bacteriostatic effect destroys bad bacteria and preserves the beneficial bacteria to leave the skin deeply purified.

Toning up

Skin toners have several purposes: they refresh, soothe and tone the skin. They are also used to restore the pH of the skin after the use of soap or a cleansing product. To save a little time in the morning we can skip the cleanser and replace it with a soothing toner. The skin tends to react to the calcium in the water, but by using the toner we minimizes the effect. In addition, it allows the moisturizing cream to penetrate the skin more easily and therefore making more effective. Skin toners are usually made from plant extracts, vitamins and minerals.

The Lifting Complex Toner is made with floral water of sage, lavender, rosemary and rose, and since it is alcohol and propellant free it does not aggress the skin.


The treatment should take your skin issues into consideration. There are several kinds of treatments; the most popular once are the serums and the masks.

A serum is a more concentrated treatment than a cream, its texture is lighter and its particles penetrate the skin easier to treat it on a deeper level. There are serums for a lot of different skin problems, but the most popular ones are the moisturizing, anti-dark spots and brightening serums.

A mask is a supplement to your daily skin care. Beauty Masks are highly concentrated in actives. Depending on their formula, they provide better skin hydration or purification or have an anti-aging effect. That is why it is important to choose a mask that compliments your skin type and to properly use it. For visible effects, apply the mask once or twice per week.

The VitaLift-C Serum reduces, prevents and corrects pigmentation imbalances by controlling melanogenesis, and instantly evens out and brightens the skins complexion. It also has a plumping effect; by supporting the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid it densifies the skin.


Moisturizers are designed to protect the skin. The moisturizing film consists of fatty substances which once applied to the face retains the skins moisture and thus prevents it from evaporating: the skin stays hydrated. The normal skin prefers the light creams. They don’t lack fatty textures to help retain their flexibility. The oily or combination skin prefers the fluid creams “oil-in-water” and emulsions that diminish the brightness of the skin. The dry and sensitive skin prefers emulsions “water-in-oil”, rich in soothing ingredients.

The HydroCell Plus Cream is ideal for dehydrated skin. It restores the balance, flexibility and the natural hydration of the skin. It relaxes and softens the texture of the skin to erase the appearance of wrinkles and the fine lines of dehydration.

The Oily Skin Gel-Cream is, as the name suggests, specifically formulated for oily skin prone to acne symptoms. It is made with witch hazel extract, essential oils of lemon and rosemary to restore the balance of the skin and to prevent the overproduction of sebum.

The changing weather conditions are also a good reason to offer yourself the luxury of a facial treatment or a peeling to start the season off on the right foot. Strøm Spa offers a variety of facial treatments suitable for different skin types and concerns. I had the chance to test the facial “Discovery”. In addition to the basic routine it includes a facial massage and ends with a mask that restores vitality and radiance to the complexion. My favorite product used during the facial was the Hygia Multi-Use Oil from Nelly de Vuyst. It is made with essential oils of lavender, rosemary, thyme and geranium. It is used as a disinfectant when extracting blackheads. But in fact, it can be used in several other ways, such as a moisturizing serum, hair and body oil.

For other skin types

The peeling with plant-based keratolysis is an exfoliating treatment made from plant extracts. It works skin deep. Gentle and effective, it removes the keratin layer (dead skin cells) and renews your skin, whatever your skin type.

The purifying facial was created for oily or acne-prone skin. Made with seaweed, it tightens pores and eliminates shine. Mattifying and invigorating, this facial cleanses and leaves you with healthy glowing skin.

I wish you a nice fall and also invite you to discover all the facial treatments offered at Strøm Nuns’ Island and Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

Marianne Caron is a hair and makeup artist since 5 years. To consult her website, click here.



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