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Every spring, when the buds on the trees become visible, most of us have the desire to cleanse ourselves and eat healthy. We would like to introduce you to a healthy cocktail recipe made with wheatgrass.

Wheatgrass is made from wheat grains that were germinated and planted. The young shoots are then pressed. The juice that is collected is called wheatgrass juice and is one of the most complete foods available in nature. It contains 70% of chlorophyll and a concentrate of beneficial substances: vitamins A, B, C and E, 92 of the 118 minerals, 18 amino acids (including the essential 8), digestive enzymes and proteins. The consumption of wheatgrass juice significantly improves your health. It is a very powerful purifier. If you decide to start a cleansing treatment, you need to do it gradually and, above all, ask a naturopath. It is important to know that one should not take wheatgrass during pregnancy and should limit the consumption while breastfeeding.

Adding wheatgrass to your diet helps:

  • Your digestion
  • To strengthen the immune system;
  • Cell renewal;
  • Proper functioning of the organs;
  • To improve vitality and endurance.

Here now two green juice recipes made with wheatgrass juice:

For a refreshing drink, use the following ingredients:

  • 50g green apples
  • 50g avocado
  • 10g kale leaves
  • 10g arugula
  • 20ml honey
  • ½ ounce wheatgrass juice
  • 50ml water
  • 110g frozen pineapple
  • 5ml lemon juice

Instructions: Put all ingredients in a blender, mix until liquid and … enjoy.

 For a more exotic flavor, use the following ingredients:

  • 20g avocado
  • 10g kale leaves
  • 10g arugula
  • 5ml honey
  • ½ ounce wheatgrass juice
  • 70g frozen pineapple
  • 70ml coconut milk
  • 5g fresh ginger
  • 20ml water
  • 5ml lemon juice

Instructions: Place all ingredients in blender, mix until liquid and … enjoy.

– Isabelle Ladouceur, chef bistro at Strøm Mont-Saint-Hilaire

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