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Lovers of red meat will sometimes shudder at the amount of cholesterol present in certain dishes. And with the cold weather at our door steps, we can all agree that comfort food becomes more appealing, especially the meals prepared with red meat. However, game meat offers an alternative that will please many. Rich in iron and phosphorus but low in sodium, game meat like duck, bison, venison, elk (and so on) is a lot less fatty and consists of more flesh than beef, for example. It also has fewer calories in respect to the saturated fat; it helps the digestion and won’t make your cholesterol level spike up.

In addition to stews and casseroles, good quality game meat can also be turned into an excellent tartare! Start with some finely diced French shallots, add Dijon mustard and hot pepper sauce to spice up the meat. Then finish by adding your favorite ingredients, such as:

– Capers and parmesan

– Shiitake mushrooms or chanterelles and roasted hazelnuts

– Dried tomatoes and olives

– Pine nuts and pickles

The possibilities are endless! Feel free to experiment with fresh local and seasonal products, such as blue cheese, blueberries or figs, mint, pistachios…

Have a great time preparing your tartare, but maybe the most important part: Enjoy!

  • Marie Phillipe, Head of bistro at Nuns’ Island

This recipe is offered at the Strøm Nuns’ Island for a limited time.

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