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10 tips and tricks to change your bathroom into one that is as soothing and comfortable as a spa!

1) White and natural wood

White is a timeless color, it is pure and naturally calming. It also contributes to the clean and pure effect of a room and is what we are looking for at a spa. It will always be appropriate in your bathroom. Combine it with a vanity or cabinet made of fair wood in a natural color for a warm atmosphere.

2) Towels, towels, towels

Rolled up towels and pampering products

They will give an instant spa effect to your bathroom! Choose white ones that are very fluffy and display them on the shelves, in a glass cabinet and on the edge of the bathtub. Rolled up or folded, you want to have a lot of towels to give an impression of abundance! Also, white bathrobes hanging from beautiful hooks nicely complement the look.

3) Display essential toiletries

An organic wooden bowl holds a loofah, a flower sponge and soap with aromatherapy diffuser sticks in the background on a white high-key background.  Shallow DOF.  Shot with a Nikon D3.  See my [url=]other spa images[/url], too.

Display beautiful soaps, creams, wash gloves in a way to highlight them, for example on a small table near the bathtub. The sight of these items gives us the desire to take care of ourselves … Isn’t that the purpose of a spa

4) Display natural elements

Use rocks, driftwood, coral and shells to decorate the bathroom and have a link to the outside and nature … Choose vases made of clear glass, an apothecary jar, a Mason jar, an old metal boiler or a woven basket to put flowers and branches.

5) Candles

Nothing beats the relaxing and calming effect of candles! Choose a candle that gives off a hint of a scent that you like and that will soothe you.

6) View of nature

A view of nature is essential in spas. If you do not have a window overlooking a lake and / or a forest, why don’t you hang an inspiring canvas or photography of nature or of your summer vacation on the wall?

7) Freestanding bath

Modern and clean bathroom with luxurious amenities

Exchange the outdated ceramic bathtub with a more modern freestanding bathtub and give your bathroom a more spacious look. The bathtub becomes the star item of the room! And to give your bathroom that wow effect, add a freestanding bathtub faucet!

8) A chair to sit

If you have enough space in your bathroom, it is always practical, pretty and beneficial to have a beautiful chair or bench to sit on or to put your bathrobe. Think ‘comfort’.

9) Lounge lighting

It is impossible to relax with bright lights in the bathroom. On the other hand, candlelight is sometimes not enough. Add a dimmer to your basic lighting for a low-key atmosphere.

10) Music

It is important to challenge the 5 senses when creating a room … Besides the sound of water running into the bathtub, inspiring music complements the creation of your spa bathroom!

-Audrée Kemp Bélanger, Landscape Architect – Designer (AKB Design)

To learn more about AKB Design, click here.