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Looking for a cozy, out of the ordinary nest for your next outdoor getaway? Look no further, we have found three exceptional places in Quebec for you.
By Frédérique Sauvée

Our first unusual accommodation invites you to spend the night under the stars of the Saguenay region. Lying under a transparent dome, let yourself be carried away by Morpheus looking up through the canopy of leaves and try to spot the Milky Way. The five bubble canopy beds are intimately nestled in the middle of the forest, high up on stilt platforms to feel closer to the birds … and stars!


The Hobbit house by “les Toits du Monde” is also a great way to spend an uncommon weekend in the Laurentians. Straight out of the universe of the Lord of the Rings, this eco accommodation for four people is hidden under a green roof and insulated with straw bales. Inside, you find all the comforts a hobbit needs with comfortable beds, shower, toilet and a wood stove.


And finally, wake your inner child with a stay in a Zoobox. There are a dozen of these planted in the wilderness of the Vertendre forest in Eastman, and they are all big boxes filled with surprises. Open up the whole wall of sliding glass windows and take your bath on the terrace overlooking a beautiful forest. Planning a movie night? You will have to ride on the stationary bike to create the energy needed to run the popcorn machine and the DVD player. And to sleep, you simply lower your bed thanks to an ingenious system of pulleys. Sounds like fun, right?


Frédérique Sauvée is never far from her suitcase or her walking boots. She travels her adopted continent, North America, from Alaska to New Orleans by passing, of course, through Quebec in search of interesting destinations and inspiring stories.



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