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Winter therapy is a movement launched by Strøm Nordic Spa in the winter of 2021. Winter therapy suggests learning to embrace winter rather than suffering from it. Culturally, the inconveniences of the Quebec winter take a lot of place in the collective imagination, and therefore in our perception of winter: cold, wind, accumulations of snow and ice, difficulties to move… Winter therapy aims to transform our way of thinking about the cold season by rethinking both our lifestyle and our state of mind.  

“Winter therapy seeks to invite winter rather than avoid it and this is manifested in both thought and action.” 

– Emilie Lefebvre-Morasse, Vice-President of Strøm Nordic Spa 

Winter therapy

According to cold season enthusiasts

Discover the winter activities of Quebecers who choose to enjoy winter rather than endure it. These cold season enthusiasts are not discouraged by the challenges that this time of year imposes; instead, they transform them into opportunities to get closer to nature, to reconnect with its invigorating and soothing side (in French only).


The rhythm of winter


To meet the need to reconnect with an optimal life balance, Strøm Nordic Spa’s facilities draw on the heart of a tradition that has been firmly rooted in our Nordic neighbours for 2,000 years.

A desire for disconnection, a search for immunity, a quest for balance. On the margins of instant cures, Strøm invites you to make wellness a lifestyle by cultivating the art of thermotherapy.


Winter as Identity

“My country is not a country…” There’s no need to finish my sentence; you know the rest by heart. These words from Gilles Vigneault are part of each of us. Rigorous, long, freezing, difficult, harsh, hostile… Many qualifiers can be given to our winter, but the best of them remains “Québécois.” Some couldn’t do without it; others flee as soon as it arrives. Whether you love it or hate it, winter is a key element of our identity and our terroir.


(Re)thinking Winter

Do you have Nordicity in your skin? Whether or not they were born in our extreme latitudes, each individual has a very personal response to offer. Experiencing, embracing, and welcoming winter is a new form of balance. It is almost tempting to say that a new lifestyle has established itself in our daily lives. Say hello to Nordic cuisine, the gentle taming of the elements, and an awakened look at our environment. However, is the time when we “endure” winter really over? The snowflakes don’t slide off each of us in the same way. Here are the different perspectives of two women on their relationship with the white season.

Guided meditation

Winter therapy

By Julie Senécal, certified mindfulness meditation leader at Mindful flow

In order to offer an even more complete relaxation experience, Strøm asked Julie Senécal to create a guided meditation session on the theme of winter therapy.

Thermotherapy in winter

Tame the cold season

Winter therapy invites you to celebrate the best of the cold season and explore ways to enjoy and appreciate it. The thermal experience is a great way to enjoy the contrast of temperatures and the benefits of fresh, crisp air. Reserve online in advance to guarantee your place.