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Each of us work on a daily basis to fulfill a mission that we have carefully chosen. Whether we are an employer or an employee, we dedicate an average of eight hours a day to our job, working five days a week. With such an investment, shouldn’t corporate well-being be at the top of the priority list?

Waste of time or long-term investment?

In the Greek tradition, there are two different ways of perceiving time: Chronos and Kairos.

Chronos refers to time structured in minutes, hours, days, years. Time is money; revered by our production-consumption society. Time “does not wait”, both a useful tool and an oppressive master. Today, we live in a compulsive manner and almost exclusively centered on Chronos, overlooking the fact that there is another way to exist – a much more graceful way that makes room for our internal rhythms: Kairos.

Kairos refers to the cyclical change of seasons and days, to the way in which time can expand or shrink depending on our mental and emotional state. It is time lived from within, through the perception of the body. It is the blurry time that can also be called the opportune “moment”, the time when the creative state prevails, during which Chronos seems suspended. No matter how hard you work from morning to evening, with all sorts of ambitions, without space for Kairos, you will burn out.

The only way to create more time is to slow down. Slowing down to be more welcoming of success, when the time is right. Take a break and return to work with a new sense of motivation and commitment. With this in mind, Strøm Nordic Spa has developed options specifically designed for businesses to allow their employees to slow down.

The health of businesses relies on the well-being of their employees

The Strøm Nordic Spa experience is a unique prevention tool to ensure the well-being of your employees. Whether it is to show that you care about their well-being, as a relaxing break after an exceptionally busy time, as a recognition or as a means of preventing burnouts, a visit to Strøm Nordic Spa will meet the different needs of your employees.

Strøm Nordic Spa, well-being partner of your employees:

Placing a high value on the well-being of the entire team provides benefits that will last over time:

– More resistant to stress
– Sense of being part of the business
– Employee loyalty
– Improved teamwork
– Improved motivation and productivity

To discover all our attractive packages specially designed for businesses, click here.