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In honor of Valentine’s Day, we talked about love, thought about love and read your testimonies of love. Thank you to the 348 participants who took the time to share their visions of love. You inspired us!

Love is…

“To laugh together, understand each other without talking, burying my nose in his neck, taking his hand in his sleep …” -Stéfanie Tourville

“Two imperfect beings with the vision of a perfect union” -Claudia Melfi

“Watching my three beautiful children grow, blossom, thrive, and love! Nothing more, nothing less.” -Natalie McNeil

“Yesterday on the bus 435 at rush hour … We were packed like sardines close the front door, we almost crushed the bus conductor. Large people, small people, workers, students, yellow ones, red ones, purple ones, orange ones, all strangers. We were so tight my nose touched the neck of my neighbor in front and my behind was pressed against my neighbor in the back of me. Usually I only get close like that to my boyfriend. People could have been angry, impatient, or even exploded; the bus conductor could have screamed or kick us out. But instead we had fun, we laughed, supported each other and we arrived on time. If this is not proof of our ability to love, I wonder what is! Our tolerance, our respect for each other, our transcendence, it is in us, every day, everywhere. Let’s continue to choose love. ” -Florence Béland

“Love is indescribable …” -Yiritio Doumbia

“Love is when the presence of the other soothes the noise in one’s head.” -Zoé Langlois

“Love is growing together, evolve, get through trying times, doubt, cry, laugh, get lost, meet again, live.” -Françoise Henrich

“Love is to love each other so much, that we want to multiply it, share it, and become a family. But it is also to want to spend time together just the couple, taking the time to spend a day at Strom! ” -Justine Landreville

“Love in 2016 is to take time together, really take time. Drink a glass of wine with someone who interests us in a bar instead of asking “Hey, are you on Facebook?” Knocking on the door of a friend, rather than send a virtual “poke”. Love is the little things, my sweetheart, who surprises me at the office in the morning with a coffee. Love is freedom, like my gay friends who are expecting twin boys in June. It is respect and openness, like my Quebec roommate and her Algerian boyfriend and their families that get to know each other. It is sharing, listening and the pleasure of being together. ” -Maryse Fortin-Dupuis

“Love means to respect the freedom of the significant other while being together on the same path.” -Jacques Pageau

“Love is a divine diabolical invention!” -Simon Fortin

“Love begins with soul recognition … a feeling of coming home, a knowing of a shared journey ahead and of endless possibilities & spiritual evolution.” -Jill Fequet

“My vision of love is one of freedom, balance and passion. If you truly love something, set it free & trust that what is meant to stay, will. Balance comes when each person thrives in their own individuality and independence yet can still come together and morph into one being. And passion is the fire inside each of us, the Joie de Vivre that reminds us to live & love fiercely.” -Devan Laframboise

“Love is understanding.”-Vicki Milasincic

“The feeling you get when you see your boyfriend laughing and that makes you happy. Love is spending time doing just about anything and enjoying their company. Love is a warm feeling or love is butterflies. Love is when your heart feels like it’s so full it might explode. Love is when you know you found your best friend and you can’t wait to marry him this summer, after being together for 10 years. Love is amazing.” -Allison Small

“It’s butterflies in the stomach. It feels like nothing else matters. It feels like your heart could fly. It’s the feeling of being complete. The feeling of safety and security. It is everything that really matters!” -Lindsay Day

“Love is about being there for someone through the good and bad, love is about still getting butterflies for the person you love every time you see them. It’s about coming together and becoming one. Love is all you need.” -Kyana Warhaftig

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