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A balanced heart chakra is the symbol of inner peace, self-love and love for others. It’s healing can help us overcome our limitations and fears. For Valentine’s Day, the celebration of love, here are 5 holistic rituals to open and release the energy of the heart.


Anahata is the heart chakra located in the middle of the chest. It is the center of unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, generosity and welfare. When the energy of our heart is blocked, we become tough with others and ourselves. On the other hand, a healthy heart chakra prevents sickness and promotes love and inner peace. At the Four Seasons in the Maldives they offer luxurious retreats called “Chakra Blessings”, during this holistic Anahata ritual the marma points of the heart chakra are stimulated, these are small energy channels that connect the body’s energy and the physical body. The therapist then puts a heart (made of putty) on ones chest and pours rose oil, known for its high vibration, in the middle. All accompanied by chants that call for love and gentleness. Let yourself be lulled.


The rose quartz is one of the stones associated with the heart chakra. It promotes the healing of emotional wounds and self-love. It is the stone of tenderness. To open the heart chakra, combine its vibration properties with the benefits of a treatment: the Sodashi brand has chosen to enrich its cream with rose quartz crystal water, which increases the anti-aging properties by tenfold. Their Samadara cream is sold with two rose quartz crystals that help the cream to permeate the skin. The treatment is combined with the energizing and soothing virtues of the stone. The Sodashi treatments are used in the most beautiful spas in the world including the Four Seasons Georges V in Paris. But nothing prevents you to keep a beautiful rose quartz at home and absorb its energy of tenderness.


The rose was Christian Dior’s favorite flower. A flower with endless varieties. “The perfumes, the colors, the different shapes of the petals: the rose is a journey in itself,” he said. In the chic Hotel Plaza Athénée in Paris, The exceptional ritual “Dior Prestige” envelops the skin with the nectar of the Granville rose coming from the garden of the famous house where Christian Dior was born. Accompanied by calming movements for an open and refreshed face. Softness and radiance and extreme refinement.


Much more than a sport, yoga is a medication from the heart that helps to rebalance the energy throughout the body and release blockages buried in different parts of the body. Certain poses are particularly favorable for creating space in the chest area and free up the heart chakra and some repressed emotions. For example the camel pose or the fish pose which require a bend towards the back and push the chest upwards. For even more benefits, combine these postures with long inhalations and exhalations. Inhale love, exhale doubts and sadness. Embrace your vulnerability. Om.


The power scents have on our mind can also encourage the opening of the heart and positive energy. Among the scents that stimulate the heart chakra, is of course the rose. It is found in several creations. Aerin Lauder, granddaughter of Estée Lauder chose the rose of Grasse for her perfume in the Premier collection. A perfume built around three roses, one of them being the Centifolia rose, symbolic of Grasse, picked every day during its bloom time during the month of May. It is also the rose that inspired the “Eau Fraiche Rose de Vigne” by Caudalie. One can also choose a beautiful essential rose or geranium oil that can be dapped on the inside of the wrists, and throughout the day its scent will wrap us in softness and tenderness whenever we smell it.

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