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I always take advantage of the changing seasons to modify my beauty routine, pay myself a good facial treatment and test the trends of the moment. We adapt our products to the changing temperature and offer ourselves a good ” spring cleaning ” scrub to have healthy skin that is ready to face the summer.
By Marianne Caron, Make-up artist

The first look that I suggest is rather simple. I like to have a look that is good for any situation and easy to do for warmer days. We are opting for a nude complexion, completely striped of all products for the courageous ones, or a touch of illuminating foundation or BB cream to enhance the complexion. I also like the ingenuous look of bare eye lashes, but I am the first one to admit that I have trouble leaving the house without mascara … so we opt for a waterproofed formula to avoid raccoon eyes by late afternoon. The highlight of this look is the lipstick, classic red. I choose a matte texture for its long-lasting color and to prevent smudging.

My favorite: Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella red by Nars


The second look is a “déjà vu”. It is the famous brown lip stick, trend of the 90s, which is back in full force since a couple of months. This is the new nude, it doesn’t matter if you wear it in the day or at night, and it is easy to match with our usual makeup or even with the famous smokey eyes look. Be careful to choose a shade that compliments your complexion. For fair complexions with a pink undertone, opt for a light beige or taupe. For darker complexions or complexions with a golden undertone, try a chocolate brown or shades that have a purple under tone.

My favorite: Lipstick in Whirl or Velvet Teddy by Mac


The final look is inspired by the walkways of the New-York fashion week spring-summer 2016. It is a trend that has already made a comeback last fall, but is much more wearable and prettier in summer. It’s a look that was very present in the 80s, if I believe the pictures in my old family albums… the pastel blue!

We suspected that the pastel colors were returning in full force for the summer, since the color ”Serenity” was named the color of the year. Wear it on your eyelids in combination with a blush or a lipstick in the other color of the year, the ”Rose Quartz”.

Apply it to the entire moving eyelid softening the shape towards the top and add a touch along the upper lashes for a soft look. And to not lose the intensity of the gaze finish with a thick coat of mascara.

A little tip to help the makeup last during hot summer days is to set it properly. There are several options to do that, you can prepare the skin with a mattifying foundation which avoids the excess sebum and acts like a magnet for the makeup. To avoid touch ups in the middle of the day, you can also set it with a transparent powder. There are several to choose from, but try to pick a powder that smooths out the pores to give the impression that the skin is matte and under control.



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