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The third Monday of January has been baptised Blue Monday because it is reported to be the most depressing day of the year. Even if the lack of light is tempting us into hibernation, the so-called dead season nevertheless harbors the potential to nourish our inspiration. Use the following tips to counteract the shortage of ideas this winter.
-By Marie Eve Gosemick, wellness collaborator and creative writer on the move

« I need the winter. While nature rests, the mind can enter into turmoil. »
~Jan Sverak

Take advantage of the time you stay inside to rethink the world

In Sweden, the city of Stockholm prides itself to be the world capital of creativity because their winters are long and dark. Since the people are confined inside, they take this opportunity to look at problems, find new solutions and eventually launch start-ups. These moments are often shared with family and friends, creating the possibilities to validate the ideas.

This winter, look at the sullen weather as the perfect time to improvise a creative retreat at the family cottage. Target themes that are important to you and organize relaxed brainstorming sessions.

Take advantage of the cold temperatures and imagine your future

It seems that cold weather helps us to develop our imagination. In a study published in Acta Psychologica in 2014, researchers have concluded that the cold improves the creative competences linked to the adaptability and the abstract thinking and allows breaking away from the beaten path while in the process of ideation. In the book Développer ses talents et sa créativité (Developing your talents and your creativity), coaches Eveline Bouillon and Frédéric Jouve tell us that the cold ignites creativity that is similar to the survival instinct, citing the example of the Inuits, who built a civilization in extreme conditions out of almost nothing.

The expressions “keep a cool head” or “keep cool” are not insignificant. Going outside in cold weather could allow you to take a step back and re-evaluate the important questions you ask yourself. The cold will likely revitalize the body and mind.

Return to your childhood to transform your everyday life             

In the guide Boostez votre créativité avec le Mind Mapping (Boost your creativity with Mind Mapping), the management consultant Xavier Delengaigne reminds us among other things that imitating children contributes to regaining the will to create. This winter, dare to wear a bright and colorful hat, a huge scarf, ski pants…..there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!

Returning to one’s childhood obviously happens through play, like sliding, throwing snowballs, building a snow fort and making snow angels. You can also try out different, and a little bit more daring. outside activities like toumo yoga or fat biking. Whether you want to take a risk or not, there are plenty of options here in Quebec: snowshoeing, ice fishing, skating, hockey, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding, and hiking, take your pick!

Practicing a winter sport will encourage you to enjoy the enchantment of the cold season. Have you noticed that the blue sky is more intense in winter than in summer?



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