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We can’t enjoy winter to its full potential by staying inside. By going outside and observing how the cold and snow transform our ecosystem and our athletic, travel, socialization, and leisure habits, we can truly immerse ourselves in this unique and enchanting season.

But to spend time outside when the temperatures are approaching the freezing point while being comfortable, you need to be appropriately dressed and—above all—not be cold. This is why ewool has been designing powerful and easy-to-use heated clothing for almost 10 years.

The name ewool is an amalgamation of the words electric heating wool. Of course, there is no such thing as electric wool, but the name perfectly describes an avant-garde textile that provides abundant heat when worn, thereby allowing us to warm up properly and transcend the cold.

the collection

ewool offers four complementary heated prod- ucts to spend the winter warm: the METRO heated vest and the PRO vest, the heated glove liner, and the brand-new heated stocking. Put them on under your usual winter clothing and accessories to enjoy a pleasant, diffuse heat. ewool products are not the “final” garment, but rather a layer that is added between the base layer and the insulating layer, such as the coat or boot.

Whether you work outside, enjoy winter sports or an extended golf season, or simply want to get around without getting cold, ewool products will meet your comfort needs thanks to their discreet design and adjustable heat intensity. The battery that powers them is also rechargeable, allowing you to enjoy this quality clothing for a long time!

the history

The Canadian brand was created in 2013 by Alain Desmeules, a Saguenay native. It was particularly in contact with his wife, originally from Florida, that he understood that not everyone is inhabited by a love of winter as great as his own. He quickly wanted to reverse this trend. A fan of the great outdoors and expeditions in the extreme cold, with a background in engineering, and passionate about industrial design, he decided to put his interests at the service of his new mission: to allow people to love winter.

worlds collide

To describe the benefits of our products to our future buyers, we like to compare the feeling of enveloping warmth that our clothing offers to what is experienced when stepping into a hot tub in the depths of winter. We’re proud to share the same objective as Strøm Nordic Spa: to offer comfort and well-being, even in cold weather.

“Powerful heated clothing is an effective solution for enjoying the winter without suffering from the cold.”

— Alain Desmeules, founder of ewool


To learn more about ewool and discover the products: