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Going “back to school” brings a lot of changes with it, and we took the opportunity to review our beauty routine. The trend is to look very natural; it is better to put our best natural face forward than to hide behind a mask. For reasons of authenticity, we are as much looking for balance in our self-expression as we are in our relationship with the environment. Our favorite products of the season are natural and we were also interested in the ecological alternatives. Discover the simplified beauty routine and the favorite products of Marianne Caron, makeup artist.

What are your essential 5 steps for a simplified beauty ritual?

  1. To start your beauty routine use a makeup primer that illuminates your face and gives you a healthy glow. Consider your skin type when choosing your makeup primer and apply a thin layer using a brush or your fingers. Avoid applying to much makeup primer; you want to improve your skin texture and not worsen it.
  2. To open up your facial features and have a radiant look, continue by brushing your eyebrows upwards. For a natural look, forget about pomades or colored pencils.
  3. Then apply a mascara to define your eyes. Apply the mascara with a brushing motion from the roots of your eyelashes to their ends rather than with a zig zag motion. For longer and more voluminous lashes, it is better to apply several layers.
  4. For a healthy glow, apply a rose colored blush from your temple to the middle of your cheek bone. Avoid applying the blush too close to the nose; it makes your facial features look droopy.
  5. To finish, apply a thin layer of lightly tinted lip balm, and take of the excess. Do not use a lip balm that is too light compared to the color of your skin; this can easily make you look bland and pale.

11076792_787198404662102_641035234041650046_oNatural makeup by Marianne Caron and picture by Bianca Des Jardins

What are your favorite natural products?

  • The whole product range of Tarte cosmetics; they are made with Amazonian clay or maracuja oil. I love this brand because they offer a variety of products.
  • The 100% vegan products of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. I like their lip tar.
  • The whole product range of Josie Maran made with argan oil. I am particularly fond of the liquid illuminator.
  • Lip sticks by Bite Beauty; they are made from fruit pigments and offer a wide variety of finishes, textures and colors.

What are your favorite ecological products?

A lot of ecological products can be found in fine grocery stores. I like tonics and moisturizers made with rose water. Coconut oil is also a very good buy since it can be used as a makeup remover, a hair mask and a moisturizer for body and face.

Marianne Caron is a hair and makeup artist since 5 years. To consult her website, click here.



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