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An interview with pierre mierski, architect at lemaymichaud

The development of the next Strøm spa will take place in the Brown Basin, a place of great historical value. The first lines of the future spa envisioned by Pierre Mierski were inspired by historical and legendary stories and by the port and commercial activities of old. Then the creative minds met around the drawing table and everything started to take shape.

  • What are the elements in the conceptualisation of the future strøm to assure the continous efforts made in 2008 by la centre d’interpétation du bassin brown to recall the history of the site?

The genesis of the project is based on the idea to recall the history of the site. The plan of the spa is formed on the outline of the old docks that once were situated on the banks of the location, creating alternately full and empty spaces. This architectural set will be integrated onto the site in strata descending towards the river, recalling the different historic layers making up the memory of the location.

  • What is the construction concept of the strøm in order to enhance the path connectingthe plains to the saint-laurence river and also give the clients preferred access to the escalier du cap-blanc?

The descent down the escalier du Cap-Blanc offers an exceptional panoramic view of the river and the shore. The axis of the stairs, which is the line that connects the plains to the river, will be extended both in the interior and the exterior, for example in the building that will accompany the client on his or her walk. The project is harmoniously integrated into the landscape by its horizontal architecture along the river, and is inspired by its natural materials and mineral colors. Green roofs will cover the buildings and the layout of the site in symbiosis with the landscape will unite and energize the river shore, enhancing the visual quality of the waterfront panorama.

Spa QC HR FN - A peaceful retreat in the heart of the capital

  • Since the river is the most important element of the history and the image of the city of quebec, how will the power of that force of nature influence the thermal spa experience?

Evidently the presence of the river was the main source of inspiration in the design of the project. The immensity and the quiet strength of the river are themselves evoking such power that they give the client an instant escape. The entire project will be in constant harmony with the river, enhancing the site in summer and winter. The openings in the pavilions will frame the various views towards the water and the outdoor spaces will encourage the relaxation facing this landscape. The openings will also offer breathtaking views of the cliff, which is particularly spectacular in fall. Along the river a pedestrian walkway made out of wood will tie the whole site together, reinforcing the contact between the client and the river.

  • Will there be elements at the strøm spa quebec that can’t be found in the other strøm spas?

There are several unique and innovative experiences planed, such as inside baths with windows overlooking the river. The customer experience will be developed to create strong links between the thermal experience and the river.

  • Is there a planned access for the public to the banks?

A pedestrian path will be built along the river banks allowing the public to enjoy the proximity of the river. The path will be built below the spa facilities.



Source of scandinavia

Scandinavian architecture and critical regionalism: The Strøm Nordic Spa and its inspirations from around the world

Combining nature and urbanity