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“An adventure for two” : Portable Home APH80 by ÁBATON

abaton 1 - A look at unconventional habitats

For the lovers of travel, adventure and magical places, the APH80 is THE ideal house. Conceived with the sole purposes of well-being, environmental balance and simplicity, it answers to our longing for fulfillment that we sometimes crave to find in our hectic lives. From the contemporary structural design to the interior elements, the only material used is wood, giving the whole house a feeling of calmness, serenity and warmth inviting to relax, far away from all the excitement of the world.

Easily transportable, it is installed as per the requests of the buyer and integrates perfectly with any environment thanks to its many large openings which bring the outside inside. This beautiful home is perfect for anyone who wants to combine a nomadic lifestyle with comfort.

The APH80 also has many advantages for all those who care about nature. In particular, the used materials are mostly recyclable, but also, during its construction, for every tree that was felled, a new one was planted, which permanently helps nature to be reborn. It only takes eight weeks to build and is assembled in one day and will undoubtedly give you the desire to escape….

Prices start at 22,000 Euros, plus transportation costs

“The far-off experience…” : MINIMOD by MAPA

MAPA MIN 06 - A look at unconventional habitats

Experiencing life in the middle of nature, in those distant landscapes we daydream of, on top of a hill, near a pond or a stream, or in the heart of a clearing…This is what the architects of the MAPA studio want to offer to men and women who are eager to become one with nature.

Minimalistic, contemporary and wild, the MINIMOD doesn’t wait for the environment to adapt to it, but integrates itself into and is welcomed by the landscape like a privileged guest. With its minimalistic interior designed for total optimization of the space, it lives for the outside. The outside environment is the central element of the architecture and allows owners to be amazed by a 360° show from dawn until dusk into the star filled night. MINIMOD is not just a home; it delivers a lifestyle full of emotions.

Information on request :

“At the Scandinavian source” : PLUS HOUSE by Claesson Koivisto Rune

plus house - A look at unconventional habitats

Embracing its Nordic roots, the Plus House is inspired by the format of the traditional Swedish barn. Ultramodern, it extends over two floors and offers, thanks to the layout of the bay windows, an incredible sense of space. On the ground floor, the visitor is greeted by two long walls entirely made of glass putting the focus on the surrounding nature from each and every room. On the first floor only the ends of the gables are made of window panes. The whole house offers its occupants a beautifully light and airy trajectory. Designed by award-winning Swedish architects Marten Claesson, Eero Koivisto and Ola Rune for pre-fab manufacturer Arkitekthus, this house is only offered made to order.

Information on request :

“Living in a concept” : VIPP SHELTER by Vipp

vipp house - A look at unconventional habitats

Inspired by voluminous objects such as aircrafts and submarines, this 55 square meter, all-inclusive home, designed down to the very last detail, with each component serving a specific purpose, has one goal, to optimize space to the maximum of its possibilities. With walls made of sliding glass doors, Shelter is a truly transparent shell where nature is omnipresent. Only the bathroom and the mezzanine bed room are separated from the main living room, giving its occupants privacy.

More than just prefabricated, this creation is an extraordinary object, which, once placed in the heart of an idyllic landscape, offers a refuge that will protect you from the forces of nature.

Designed to the north of Copenhagen, it takes about six months to build the Shelter and you should anticipate an average of five days for its installation in the place of your dreams. The house is delivered fully equipped and is move-in ready. From the linen to the furniture, everything has been prepared and thought of, all you have to do is bring your suitcase and get comfortable the moment you receive the house key. This excellence is possible thanks to the experience accumulated by Vipp over many years.

Price: 580,000 Euros with everything included, except transportation



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