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Interior design: a universe where the project manager immerses himself in the understanding of the interaction between the customer and the space that he or she uses or lives in. Navigating between and exploring different solutions, the ultimate goal is to find the perfect blend of functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics.

It is this art that makes it possible to create an environment where everything fits within the confines of a clean concept. An interior design can have a very strong influence on an individual’s psychology. Unbeknownst to him or her, the emotions he or she experiences can be different depending on the design of the room he or she is in. For example, a design with very minimalist inspirations will bring to life a completely different perception than a room with a baroque design, where abundance and excess are at their peak.

In every one of Strøm’s locations, you will find that the rooms are not overloaded with intrusive furniture and decorative objects. As a result, as soon as the visitor enters the spa, he or she is immediately drawn to look at the interior architecture and its refined design. This de-cluttering effect, however subtle, plays an important role from the very beginning of the relaxation experience at the Strøm spas.

In order to recreate a design that allows relaxation at home, it is strongly recommended to unclutter the space in which your little retreat will take place. Dark rooms decorated with superfluous objects will not exert the same energy on the desired relaxation.

Strøm’s establishments are renowned for their interior design inspired by the Scandinavian culture, in particular for the natural light, the ergonomic furniture with a contemporary look, the refined decor providing an almost instantaneous relaxing effect, without forgetting the guaranteed comfort offered by all the areas both indoors and outdoors.


Due to an architecture inspired by Scandinavian design, the numerous relaxation rooms allow the light to stream in to the fullest. Large windows in strategic locations permit to have as much light as possible. There will never be a better light than the one that flickers gently throughout the day.

In the evening, a few light sources illuminate the installations at low intensity. These create a cozy atmosphere inspired by hygge, the Scandinavian way of life where the main focus is on comfort.

In order to achieve a Nordic inspired interior design at home, it is imperative to adjust the lighting of the various spaces.

In order to take advantage of as much natural light as possible, we recommend light and delicate curtains. It is necessary to allow daylight to come in and let it release its energizing power. At nightfall, candles, real or artificial, are an excellent option to recreate a real Scandinavian atmosphere.


In all Strøm spas, the selection of furniture is focused on offering the clients a wide range of possibilities to meet their specific needs. Scandinavian furniture design is at the same time simple, but full of ingenuity and tricks, in order to fulfill a more than important ergonomic mandate. Once the mission of comfort has been accomplished, it is still necessary to ensure the functionality of the equipment; handling, storage and maintenance. The equipment must be carefully selected in order to fully exploit its potential.

The hanging chairs found in our spas in Sherbrooke and Quebec City are a good example. Combining ergonomics and the Scandinavian look, the polycotton ropes hug the shape of the body, regardless of the chosen position. In addition, their design allows for easy storage with minimal space requirements.

When purchasing furniture to decorate a room, it is important that the space in which it will be arranged in is not neglected and, above all, that the functional aspect of it is emphasized. In a small room, you should opt for light-looking furniture and clean, pure lines. Also, do not forget that a furniture purchase may be considered as a long-term investment.

Decoration and greenery

The decoration chosen by Strøm aims to create the warm atmosphere coveted by our customers. All the elements are carefully selected in order to ensure the rejuvenation and the comfort of each and every customer. The relaxation rooms are equipped with cozy objects such as cushions, blankets, books, magazines, etc. The addition of essential oil diffusers also has a positive effect on relaxation. Finally, to perfect the ensemble, plants and vegetation provide a warm and comforting atmosphere.

The Strøm Mont-Saint-Hilaire has given itself the mandate to make nature rule the interior of its facilities. Already having well-designed windows that contribute to it, the idea of ​​integrating greenery into the interior spaces, evokes a relaxing effect, similar to the one provided by nature. The addition of greenery in an interior design contributes to the well-being of the users. The natural scenery it provides evokes the feeling of a soothing setting that is a source of renewed energy. Whether it is with the large panels of greenery on the walls of the Hygge relaxation room or for decorative purposes in the various interior spaces, this style of decoration with natural elements recreates the atmosphere found in the Nordic countries.

When adding greenery to your home, you may want to consider the size of the room and limit the amount of plants. However, this natural touch brings definitely a certain vivacity to your interior. If space is limited, it is always possible to opt for pretty natural flower arrangements in the common areas. And remember that interior design is all about balance.

by : Erika Marcil, designer at Strøm



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