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The visuals below are made available to you to promote Disconnection Day to your employees. We encourage you to publish the posters and banners on your intranet and include them in your internal communications to inform your employees about Disconnection Day.
Vertical posters and horizontal banners must be used as they are, without adding any text or logo. For visuals with your own logo, we invite you to add it yourself to each of them. We can provide you with a template to position your logo, or we can take care of it for you when you ask your advisor.
Customizable posters and banners include a space reserved for the text of your choice. You can include instructions on how to take advantage of Disconnection Day or highlight other employee benefits. We also recommend adding Disconnection Day to your employee benefits in your job postings to attract new talent. Feel free to use the appropriate visuals in your job postings.


Opt for banner-type formats on the company website, in internal emails and newsletters, and on internal social media that is mainly accessed on a computer.

Visuals with your text

Use this type of file to add all the information you wish to disclose to your employees to remind them of their benefits. Recruit new talent by communicating that you are a Disconnection Day partner.


Use vertical formats to maximize visibility on physical display boards, in break rooms, on the company website, in the mobile app and on social media that is mainly accessed on a phone.