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Investing in well-being at work

Disconnection Day is a Strøm Nordic Spa initiative designed to promote balance between professional life and personal well-being. Enjoy a well-deserved break with this extra day off each year. Offered by your employer, it will allow you to recharge your batteries in one of Strøm’s Nordic spas, exceptional havens combining nature and urbanity.

“Time invested” rather than “time wasted”

These days, as hyperconnectivity transcends our professional lives and finds its way into our personal lives, and as teleworking has blurred the boundaries between the different roles we occupy on a daily basis, we need to be available all the time, everywhere, to everyone. As a result, mental fatigue has become commonplace, not to mention the chronic stress and health problems that can result from this over-solicitation.

It is therefore surprising that even today, disconnecting from work is frequently perceived as a waste of precious time. In a culture that values productivity and performance, taking time out to rest and recharge may even seem counter-intuitive. In reality, disconnecting represents an investment in our well-being and our work efficiency. By launching Disconnection Day, Strøm Nordic Spa is joining this movement and advocating for a positive mindset shift.

Numerous benefits

By viewing disconnection as an investment, we can better understand its long-term benefits. Just as we invest in our education, vocational training or physical health, disconnection is a commitment to our mental and emotional health.

By taking the time to disconnect, we recharge our batteries, strengthen our emotional resilience, and improve our ability to manage stress.

What’s more, disconnecting can have a positive impact on our performance at work. Well-rested employees tend to be more productive, creative, and capable of making sound decisions. By taking time out regularly to recharge their batteries, they are also more likely to stay motivated and dedicated to their work in the long run.

Employers, for their part, demonstrate that they value the well-being of their employees by passing on the benefits of this initiative to their teams. This can foster lasting professional relationships, reduce absenteeism, increase job satisfaction and loyalty to the company, and retain talent. In short, investing in employee well-being often improves overall business performance.

Disconnection Day

With the aim of bringing all these benefits to fruition, Disconnection Day allows you to enjoy a break dedicated to your well-being, reduce your stress levels and revitalize your mind, allowing you to return to work with renewed energy. By swapping a day at work for a day of rejuvenation planned just for you, you’ll enjoy a moment of relaxation that’s all the more soothing because you won’t have had to plan it yourself. On the day of your visit, you’ll have access to all our facilities for as long as you like.

Ready to make Disconnection Day a tradition of well-being within your company? Take the first step towards living a more balanced professional life now.

For more details, visit or contact [email protected].