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Photo credit : Tsikimamy Onimbola.

Artist of the light

For the last three years, Bianca Des Jardins, a young photographer with growing success, has gradually become our official photographer. Her attention to authenticity and her ability to showcase natural beauty in all its shapes reflects the essence of Strøm. Her images make us travel and discover the delicacy of the present moment. In addition to working on her various creative projects, Bianca has been settling in Montreal as a freelancer and has distinguished herself with her international publications. Strøm entered her universe for a few moments in order for you to be able to discover the woman behind the camera!


When did you discover your passion for photography?

I discovered photography about 15 years ago. I started exploring it by doing different photo shoot concepts with my webcam and later with my digital Kodak camera. Those were the good times!

Then I joined the photo and film program at the Conservatoire Lassalle and finally I continued my studies at the Marsan College in the commercial photography program.

My first two years as a full-time photographer were difficult. The world of arts and photography resembles a spider web: in the beginning our place in the world of photography is small, but over the years it grows bigger and bigger thanks to new connections. My professional and personal network grew over time and my working conditions have gradually improved. Currently I’m in a place where I’m lucky enough to choose my contracts, and for that reason, I’m able to work for my favorite customers and projects: the Strøm (of course!) and weddings. Year after year, I’m steadily taking my place in the world of photography and today I feel that I’m exactly where I should be.

Where do you find your daily inspiration?

My favorite muse it the light. I like to shape it and play with it, in order to better showcase it. That is also one of the reasons why the light is so present in my images.

The essence of life and nature’s beauty are also elements that have been inspiring me for a long time to be creative. I like to portray an enchanting world and bring a narrative side to my work.

I’m also inspired by the poetry of everyday moments: a ray of sunshine illuminating a door, a bird taking flight, curtains blowing in the wind….

Your images evoke delicacy and freedom. How important is freedom in your own life?     

My greatest freedom is to have the chance (or having created my chance!) to live my passion and be creative.

Freedom also means to be myself in each aspect of my life, the ability to be real by being true to myself.

Do you have any tips for those of us who would like to take up photography?

First and foremost it is necessary to persevere in carving out your place as an artist. My mother kept telling me “everything in its own time”, and I really think this saying makes a lot of sense considering the time we live in. Also, in this time of social networks, everyone is a photographer. It is really by developing a unique style that one can stand out and be recognized.

Which projects are you the most proud of?

I have a weakness for personal projects that I shoot with actual film. With film photography I am able to capture the authenticity by identifying the depth of the present moment. Since I am passionate about travel, having the opportunity to travel for work is a real bonus. Three years ago, I flew to Africa for a month to take wedding pictures. I was able to experience the African customs by visiting Cameroon and Benin. Another highlight of my career is the wedding of Coeur de pirate, I’m really satisfied with the pictures I succeeded to take. And finally the private photo exhibitions “Bianca Des Jardins” that were organized by Empire after I realized their fashion book (look book) for Vans Canada were particularly rewarding moments for me.


For more information about the artist:


Facebook Bianca Des Jardins Photography

Instagram @biancadjardins


Facebook Bianca Des Jardins – Wedding Photography

Instagram @biancadjardins.weddings