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Enjoying the sun is probably the greatest pleasure of summer! Outdoor activities such as swimming, cycling or picnic with friends are a big part of our summer life… But don’t forget to stay hydrated during these hot and fun filled days! Here are some ideas for herbal refreshments that will keep you hydrated and full of energy!

Cold infusions

Put your favorite herbal teas and infusion into the fridge and transform them into a refreshing and thirst quenching drink! Energizing herbal infusions are perfect to be consumed during the day and those made with soothing plants can also be consumed before going to bed on those hot summer nights. If you drink herbal teas on a regular basis for their therapeutic effects, don’t hesitate to try their cold version during summer.

Revisited classics

The must-have’s of summer: ice tea, ice coffee and lemonade! You can add a little twist to those classics by adding your favorite aromatic plants such as basil, mint, lavender, lemon balm etc. Another possibility is to add a dose of ground chaga mushroom, or its tincture, in order to benefit from its properties to stimulate the immune system. Consult your herbalist to get chaga that has been responsibly harvested.

Please note that you should avoid coffee and tea during those days where the heat is excessive, due to their diuretic effect.

Hydration with a bonus

During those hot summer days, staying hydrated is the key to avoid heat stroke. Drinking water is important but is that enough? Adding a few citrus wedges or cucumber slices to your water will add some extra minerals and vitamins while you stay properly hydrated.

Make popsicles!

Why limit yourself to beverages? Freeze your infusions to make delicious popsicles! Fill up on your antioxidants by adding berries to a delicious hibiscus flower infusion, or add ginger for a spicy and energizing version!

And what about those ice cubes?

Stop using ice cubes made of water, since they only dilute the concentration and flavor of your cold drinks. Instead pour part of your infusion into an ice cube tray and freeze it. Add those ice cubes when you are ready to drink your infusion, or add them to other beverages to give them an interesting twist, for example hibiscus ice cubes in sangria. This is a great way of making it both useful and pleasant!

Or you could also add some freshly picked flowers from your garden to your ice cubes, for example marigold, mallow, camomile, pansy etc. Not only are they a delight for the eyes but they also add some of their specific properties to your beverage!



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