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The spa experience is mainly lived through sensations, the choice of material is therefore very important since the visitors come into contact with these materials with all their senses. This experience is not exclusive to the building. So, beyond the walls and the floors, the architectural work continues and extends to the relaxation experience offered once the visitors leave the building. With the vision of creating a balance between the interior and the exterior, between the landscape and the building, a meticulous research is being conducted. Being creative of nature, it seeks to arouse emotions through ambience, light, darkness, the elements, raw materials and the history of the site. Taking place on different continents, the research makes it possible to go from the cultural discovery to the design.

Let’s look at our facilities from a different perspective by discovering the roots and sources of the inspirations behind the Strøm experience.

Inspired by the outdoor massages offered in Tabacon, a charming village located in the heart of Costa Rica’s jungle, our massages on stilts evoke the symbiosis between nature and relaxation. The sound of the leaves blowing in the wind and the birds singing opens your mind to contemplation through the simplicity of the present moment. Already offered on Nuns’ Island, massages on stilts will soon be available in Sherbrooke.

massage pilotis IDS - Creative architecture | from the cultural discovery to the design

Our dark room with heated stone beds is a tribute to the night and the stars. The benefits of the heated stone beds are numerous and include maximum muscle relaxation, good functional skin activity, stimulation of the blood circulation, relaxation of the nervous system, protection of the intestines and sleep improvement. Try them at the Strøm in Sherbrooke, at the future Strøm in Quebec (and before long quite possibly also at the Strøm in Mont-Saint-Hilaire).

lit pierre salle noire SHE - Creative architecture | from the cultural discovery to the design

The black sauna has its roots in the Scandinavian design. Try it in Mont-Saint-Hilaire and take advantage of the benefits for the body and mind: stimulation of the blood circulation and the immune system, muscle relaxation, elimination of toxins, stress reduction, increased sleep quality and purification of the skin, just to name a few!

sauna noir msh - Creative architecture | from the cultural discovery to the design

In Mont-Saint-Hilaire and also in Quebec, you will feel like you are sitting in a cave when you visit our mineral steam bath made of stones and inspired by the temazcal ritual. The term temazcal is derived from the word temazcalli, which means ͞house of heat͟. In Mexico and elsewhere in Central America, this ritual is practiced during healing ceremonies to purify the body, cure certain illnesses and for spiritual reasons. Contemplation and isolation in solitude…

bain vapeur minéral msh - Creative architecture | from the cultural discovery to the design

Also available in Mont-Saint-Hilaire is our revisited yurt, waking up the nomadic mind and transporting you into a world where local traditions and noble materials, such as wood, are being honored.

yourte msh - Creative architecture | from the cultural discovery to the design

Au futur Strøm de Québec, la piscine d’eau chaude « lazy river », un courant d’eau inspiré par le fleuve et la signification du mot strøm, trouve la profondeur de ses racines eu Europe. Que ce soit en pensant à celles de Bath en Angleterre, de l’Aqua Dome en Autriche ou des Thermes de Caracalla de Baden-Baden en Allemagne, les piscines d’eau chaude de type « lazy river » ont inspiré l’équipe Strøm, séduite par la plénitude du courant et la sensation unique de se faire bercer par l’eau qu’elles procurent.

—Evoking the power and the tranquility of water, the Scandinavian word Strøm refers to a current, but also means, in a figurative sense, the energy that is related to the movement. The word Strøm illustrates the living, channeled force that carries the remains of its source to nourish and profoundly transform the course of things; it conveys a source of purity that regenerates inner balance and harmony.

piscine lazy river qc - Creative architecture | from the cultural discovery to the design

Also at the Strøm in Quebec, we are honoring the Dead Sea with our salt water pool. Mirroring the same salinity as the Dead Sea, its composition is such that your body automatically floats on the surface of the water. The experience is therefore very similar to the one floating in the Dead Sea, calling to mind the power of the maternal bond, thanks to the floating sensation inside the mother’s womb.

bain mer morte - Creative architecture | from the cultural discovery to the design