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Frequently asked questions

  • During this isolation period, are the facilities, treatments and massages offered at Strøm still available?

    Given the latest measures announced by the Government of Quebec and Public Health on March 15 requesting the closure of the gathering places, please take note that Strøm Nordic Spa is doing everything possible to protect its customers and employees and will close all its facilities as of March 16 until further notice.

    We are closely monitoring the situation and will update this page daily according to the new guidelines. We wish our clients to remain healthy during this period of isolation.

    If you have a reservation from now until March 31st inclusively for a treatment (massage, face treatment, body care, hand and foot care, etc.) or for an event, we will be able to cancel free of charge. Click here to learn more. For reservations after April 1st, more details to come.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Note: Please refer to the Government of Canada website for the latest information and advice on COVID-19.

  • What are the high season dates?

    August 1 to 31 2020

  • Do I need a restaurant reservation?

    Nuns’ Island & Sherbrooke

    No reservations. The Nord restaurant on Nuns’ Island & Fika Café are on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Mont-Saint-Hilaire & Old-Quebec

    If you would like to eat at Nord restaurant during your visit, it is strongly recommended that you reserve your spot upon arrival at the spa. As places are limited and vary depending on the traffic on the site, it is unfortunately not possible to guarantee availability. Please note that no reservation is made by phone. »

  • Is there parking available?

    Yes, we have a parking lot, and it’s free.

  • Do gift cards have an expiration date?

    Gift cards that were purchased do keep their cash value for life, according to the Law on consumer protection. The only gift cards with an expiration date are those that have been an exchange of services, in which case, you must contact the customer service of Strøm Spa, at 1-877-761-2772.

  • Which methods of payment are accepted?

    Payment on site

    • Cash
    • Debit
    • Visa and MasterCard credit cards (we do not accept American Express credit cards).
    • WaySpa (not applicable on corporate rates, memberships, group prices and gift cards, can’t be combined with any other promotional offer.)
    • Strøm Gift Cards


    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • American Express

Thermal experience

  • If a group of friends want to enjoy the thermal experience and a pregnant woman wants to accompany them, is it possible for her to have free access to the site?

    Pregnant women can enjoy the facilities of Strøm at a discounted price when they don’t do the thermal experience.

  • What is the thermal experience?

    The thermal experience is based on a relaxing cycle alternating hot and cold. For starters, you relax the muscles in the whirlpool hot tubs. Then there is the elimination of toxins by going to a heated sauna followed by a dip in an ice cold bath. Finally, the cycle ends with a period of relaxation. Within hours, the thermal experience can reduce stress and revitalize the body and mind. In addition to eliminating toxins and relaxing the muscles, it improves sleep quality and strengthens the immune system.

  • Is it necessary to make an appointment for the thermal experience?

    1) If you have a reservation for a massage or a treatment
    You don’t need to reserve your access to the thermal experience as your place is already guaranteed when you book a massage or a treatment. However, please note that the price of your massage or treatment does not include the access to the thermal experience. 

    2) If you don’t have a reservation for a massage or a treatment 
    Access to the thermal experience does not require a reservation. We operate on a first come, first served basis. However, we do offer an online reservation service for Saturdays and Sundays at Strøm Île-des-Sœurs, Mont-Saint-Hilaire and Old Quebec for an additional $15. Quantities are limited.
    3) If you purchased a ticket for one of our events
    Your event ticket is a reservation in itself.
  • What is provided by Strøm with an entrance to the thermal experience?

    Strøm provides each customer a bathrobe, one towel (that can be exchanged during the day) and a locker. In the locker room, Strøm offers shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hair dryers, body lotion, cotton pads and plastic bags for wet swimsuits. It is also possible to obtain a water bottle ($ 2,50). Also, you can purchase some missing effects such as a hair brush and hair elastics or sunscreen at the reception.

  • Is the water bottle provided?

    Strøm does not provide water bottles, but there are fountains on the site where you can fill up your own water bottle.

  • What should I bring?

    You have to bring your bathing suit, and it is recommended that you also bring beach sandals.

  • Is it possible to talk on the site?

    Silence is required in the saunas, Turkish bath, hot baths and rest areas, but you are allowed to speak in a low voice in the bistro area.

  • Is it possible to bring my own lunch?

    No food from the outside is permitted on the site. Our healthy menus are varied and carefully developed, and we also offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.

  • Does the spa stay open even when it rains?

    Rain or shine, Strøm remains open. However, for safety issues, the baths are closed when there is a thunderstorm.

  • What is being done in case of very cold temperatures in winter or during heat waves in summer?

    During very cold weather, it is suggested to wear a hat in the baths to keep as much heat in your body as possible. And during heat waves, it is recommended to drink regularly and apply an appropriate sunscreen.

  • What is the minimum age for the thermal experience?

    The minimum age for the thermal experience is 16 years.

  • Can a pregnant woman enjoy the thermal experience?

    The thermal experience is not recommended for pregnant women, it is best to seek medical advice. However, it is possible for a pregnant woman to enjoy our installations at a discounted price.

Massages and Treatments

  • Is the thermal experience included with the reservation of a treatment / massage?

    The thermal experience is not included with the reservation of massages or treatments.

  • Is it better to have a massage before, during or after the thermal experience?

    The massage will be equally effective, regardless of when you will enjoy it. But it is recommended to relax in the hot tub baths for about fifteen minutes before a massage.

  • Is it possible to book massages on site?

    It is possible to make an appointment for a massage that day, but it is best done in advance to ensure availability of massage therapists.

  • Do the massage therapists issue insurance receipts?

    Yes, all massage therapists at Strom issue receipts for your insurance.

  • What is the cancellation policy of a massage or a spa treatment?

    At the time of booking, a credit card number is required as a safety measure. Cancelling or modifying less than 48 hours prior to the appointment will result in a 50% charge on your credit card. Cancelling or modifying less than 24 hours prior to the appointment will result in a 100% charge on your credit card. The reservation of a massage or treatment does not include the thermal experience. If you add the thermal experience to your massage or treatment, you have priority access. To cancel, please contact us at the following telephone number: 1 (877) 761-2772.