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FROM THEORY TO PRACTICEThe basic principles of Scandinavian design rest on clear and precise foundations. This is a style infused with simplicity in which a certain functionalism and a pleasant modernity are reflected in a spirit of aesthetic enhancement. It is marked by its closeness with humanity, advocating absolute faithfulness to respect for its environment. The choices of natural materials, neutral colour palettes, and subdued shades offer feelings of comfort and balance in a room. More than just a trend, the minimalist philosophy associated with the Scandinavian style encourages thoughtful designs and high-quality, sustainable products. An unconditional guardian of nature, it aims to prioritize practicality by creating a warm universe for humans.

The architecture and design of Strøm’s establishments touch on the very essence of these foundations. It is with the user and their wellness in mind that the spaces, places, and atmospheres have been designed. The Scandinavian- inspired atmosphere and environment contribute to the well-being felt in our facilities. The simplicity of the timeless, minimalist architecture echoes the experiences of the senses, for a pure moment of relaxation. It highlights what is meant to be a local getaway, which allows you to escape and come home all at once.

The multi-sensory experience offered by Strøm, which combines a thermal circuit, treatments, and cuisine, meets the growing needs for healing, renewal, and balance in our fast-paced society. It’s time to take a break in the heart of a space that’s waiting just for you.

Strom QuebecEte HD26 web - A Thoughtful Design: Strøm Spas ― Designed for Wellness

the closeness of nature 

Considering the fact that simple contact with nature can inspire a feeling of serenity, the impact of the environment on the mood is unlimited. This intimate relationship between space and well-being is at the heart of the Nordic design that characterizes our sites. To ensure a prominent place for nature in our facilities, the chosen locations offer magnificent panoramas. The views of Mont Saint-Hilaire, Lac des Battures, the Magog River, or the St. Lawrence River occupy a prime position in our spaces.

The opening onto nature provided by the large windows makes it possible to slow down and absorb our surroundings. The agitation that can often live within us makes way for contemplation. The fusion between inside and outside is made possible thanks to the communion between the architecture and the vegetation, the nearby bodies of water, and the well-arranged viewpoints that allow for the observation of nature.

the grandeur of the materials 

As reconnection with the self and what surrounds us is increasingly sought after, through physical contact with nature and raw materials, the user will experience soothing sensations that appeal to all their senses and promote mindfulness. The harmony of materials such as stone, wood, and concrete is reflected in the wellness provided by the heat, softness, and textures, while comfort and wonder help anchor you in the present moment.

Stretching out on wood, sitting on stone in the heart of the saunas, leaning against rock in the whirlpools, walking on concrete, or being surrounded by marble enveloping entire surfaces…the materials become part of the sensory experience for pleasant feelings. Present both inside and outside, these connections between materials and sensations evoke a respect for nature and the environment, echoing the foundations of Scandinavian design.

a plurality of spaces to settle 

Whatever people might say, prioritizing downtime and allowing our bodies to settle isn’t always possible or encouraged by our daily habits. However, taking the time to do so is necessary for our well-being. Supported by a simple and functional design, the diversity of the furniture offered in Strøm’s spas lets you find your favourite spot and choose stillness for a few moments.

Day beds around the fire, loungers, wooden infrared beds, zero-gravity chairs, and suspended swings are all places where you can do this. Freed from all resistance, the body will simply enjoy what it is and what surrounds it. All of Strøm’s furniture has been chosen for its comfort level, elegance, and specificity, and it has been arranged to be surrounded by nature, water, and heat, as well as a musical and olfactory framework conducive to rest.

the importance of light

Light may seem trivial, but it is always taken into account in architectural design, and it is at the heart of the unique experience of Strøm’s spas. Our sites and the orientations of the establishments that we place there are carefully chosen to promote the influx of natural light, complementing the visuals of the spaces and appealing to calm and contemplation. The large openings provide direct light penetrating from the outside in to offer an even, natural brightness. This light bath is remarkably effective at improving your mood and stimulating energy levels, especially at certain times of year when light is less common. For their part, dark and subdued atmospheres transport us to an assured tranquility. The flickering of flames and warm and enveloping lighting offer a relaxation that improves our physical and psychological health.

the notions of emptiness and fullness 

Minimalist spaces featuring straight lines and an understated aesthetic are often synonymous with coldness. But neutral tones and sleek spaces, when in harmony with the shades of nature, instead deliver an abundance of warmth. The calm offered by an open layout contrasts with the tremendous number of stimuli to which we are exposed every day. Unconsciously, the body and mind allow themselves to be carried away by this refined, thoughtful, and soothing design. Through wide-open spaces and the use of noble materials and enveloping colours, the usual hustle and bustle of daily life fades and softens. The emptiness that sets in thus gives way to inspiration and renewal.